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Scaling BSP. Good or bad?

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    Scaling BSP. Good or bad?

    I've practically scaled the BSP of a whole map simultaneously by 2. You need to have all the brushes selected and use the scaling pivot. Once selected you can only scale one axis at a time by the value of .
    Then you gotta 'jimmy' the values until you eventually reach 2.0. You will first have approximate values between 1.999954 and 2.000516. But after going up and down a while you keep subtracting real small values until it reaches 2.0.

    I first did this off the grid with ugly values to test the scale of a map in a quick and dirty way. But now that I figured you can do it with clean values, everything on the grid, no bsp holes... I wonder if I can get into trouble later for doing this.
    Everything seems just fine.

    Correction, not everything is on grid:
    I'm guessing the answer will be that it's not done. But I want to ask to be sure.
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    Nvm. There no quick and easy way to fix the map scale. Scaling != Keep it simple.