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Question about grid snapping

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    Question about grid snapping

    Hello I am learning the editor right now and Ive been having some problems

    And in the thread they say this "One of the downsides to BSP is that it's quite prone to breaking, and one of the fastest ways to break it is by working off the snap to grid. If you work with grid snapping off, you're gonna have a bad time"

    When i look under settings i see the options for Actor, Socket, Vertex, and Planar snapping. Are these meant to stay turned off? When i hover over the grid snapping icon in the upper right it is on so am I all good to go?
    I was also wondering how I can duplicate a BSP brush that i have customized?

    Thanks for any help
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    Control-W duplicates an entity, including BSP.
    If you hold alt and drag a translation handle, that will also duplicate an entity.

    Most of those snap options are for positioning actors, but vertex snapping may be handy when customizing.

    When you have a brush selected, there is also an "Align Brush Vertices" button in its details. (Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be Hotkeyable.)