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editor / Content browser / Collections ... empty ??

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    editor / Content browser / Collections ... empty ??

    Hi, updated to 4.7.6.... when i launch the editor (unreal engine / launch) there is nothing in Collections, it is empty. I have no weapons, jump pads, health etc etc to add to my level.

    how do it get that installed please? that content IS in the older editor which i can launch from: Unreal Tournament / create / launch

    ?? totally baffled by this, everything is verified and up to date

    Hey nasty,
    You are probably not using the correct engine version.
    Start up the Epic Games Launcher then go to the Unreal Tournament Tab > Create > Launch
    That's the version of the editor you want to use to make content for Unreal Tournament.


      yes the engine is 4.7.6 - all verified

      what i dont get is... there is TWO separate editors

      One: accessed from UNREAL ENGINE TAB in Launcher / click LAUNCH UNREAL ENGINE 4.7.6 and a project editor opens - from there you can open a level you are working on - THAT edito has no content and is called version 4.7.6

      Two: accessed from UNREAL TOURNAMENT TAB in launcher / select CREATE on right column and then click big blue LAUNCH button in center - THAT editor has all the content but is flakey and crashes and wont render lights without failing and is called version 4.7.0


      it's bonkers
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