I see you can open the lift in EDIT, and there is all the connected & cabled nodes, but there's no tutorial really on this and the nodes are quite cryptic. I can see how to set the time it takes to travel and how to set the time it stays at top before going back down, but how do you set it to:

1. rotate - go up, stops/pause - goes down again & cycles this without a player having to be on it? - that way it always functions and players can hop on/off when it is at either end of it's travel in the map, but they have to wait for it to 'go' it isn't activated by them stepping on it

2. two-way - go up and stay up until a player gets on it, then it goes down, where it stays until a player gets on it & it goes up, etc etc

these to my mind are basic 'lift modes' i suppose you could call them, and a tut on this would be very useful