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Normal maps are inverted? why?

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    I never had this problem before. Not in any engine, i only noticed it was an issue because another user said my material was flat, it wasn't flat it was inverted LOL

    .... But anyway Thank you very much Tidal Blast

    Flip Green Channel solved it

    Thanks for reply Tidal missed some info so ill post it here because it may help new users.

    Unreal engine (1 - 4):
    • Black = low
    • White = high.

    The widget colours also correspond to this colour key
    • R= X
    • G= Y
    • B =Z

    We need control instead of automatic texture imports.
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  • started a topic Normal maps are inverted? why?

    Normal maps are inverted? why?

    Solution 1:
    • Expand all categories in the texture editor (right click texture to show properties)
    • Flip the Green Channel

    Solution 2:
    • In the Engine.ini search for this:

    • X:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Config\Windows

    more useful info:

    Unreal Engine 4

    • X - forwards, backwards
    • Y - left, right
    • Z - up, down
    • Pivots = Roll, Pitch and yaw

    • R= X
    • G= Y
    • B =Z

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