First sorry if this seems a silly post but it was driving me insane

Being too closed minded about this issue i made the fatal mistaken of not actually using my head. Surfaces will never be black when using a skylight because of Global illumination effecting particles, fog, etc.
^^ why i didn't realise this straight away i don't know, also, why did no-one else realise this LOL?

Works with Point Lights:

To turn off BSP surfaces enter a value of 65536 and make sure you are not using a skylight

  • make surfaces black (use super low resolution when calculating lighting)
  • Save file size and increase perfromance
  • Correctly optimise unused BSP surfaces
  • speed up lighting builds on BSP
  • Save space = faster downloads, better performance
  • no longer use unlit materials with a black const

  • Only works WITHOUT Skylights; because of GI/Lightmass
  • Not a permanent optimisation fix
  • May effect neighbour surfaces
  • still not as efficient as Mesh

Enjoy optimising your unused BSP

sorry for being a total noob on this one lol
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