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Building every time... EVERYTIME! A brush it changed..

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    Building every time... EVERYTIME! A brush it changed..

    I've noticed in UT4 editor we have to build the geometry everytime we change or make a new brush...

    This is taking forever and very unproductive... I love the UE4 engine/editor but it's like going back 20 years without the showing the change instantly.

    Is there anything we can do to minimise all this building everytime we do anything?


    You can turn Update BSP Automatically on (it's under Editor settings -> Level Design -> miscellaneous). This will update relevant bsp as you go, however as your map gets bigger it'll take long and longer. I'd advise binding build Geometry to a simple keybind so you can just tap it whenever you like rather than having to build everything (lighting, paths etc).

    Other than that, sorry but that's just how BSP works. The editor needs to take your brushes and convert it to geometry, this requires a build. You don't have to build every single change however, you can make a few small edits and build. The wireframe views will always be up to date since they show the brushes and not the BSP result so you can use them to keep up with what's changed.

    Hope that helps!
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      Thanks, great help and tips!

      One other question, rather than start another thread?!?

      Where do I find Brush size I'm creating or for existing brushes?

      I have the UT4 example tutorial map open and adding bits to it, however I click the brushes and see nothing showing size (A nice feature be to show size of brush in wireframe views..).

      I look at Brush Settings under details and it shows X, Y, Z dimensions but this dont change from brush to brush so can not be correct size!



        There are two ways to define a brushes size. The first is with the details panel; changing this will change the brush. The other, and much much more commonly used is geometry mode, which allows you to move vertices around at will. Editing a brush in geometry mode won't cause the details panel to update.


          THanks for prompt reponse.

          Maybe I came across incorrect. I understand the changing size of brush etc. Just when changing or making, where do we see current size?
          i.e I'm ued to Worldcraft - drawing out a box will show its current size in unists on each edge in wireframe views (top, side and front). When you change it the size in units always shows, good way of ensuring right size of map and everything is in ratio.

          Cant find where this happens in UE4/UT4.......
          It's ok changing size and drawing our brushes etc.. but where do we show the current size of each side? i can zoom in and count grid but jeez.... but time consuming


            UE4 doesn't have that feature, you can however hold middle mouse and drag to measure between any two points.


              i'd like to see the editor update the XYZ in the details panel when using geometry to change size... not a big wish, but it'd be damned useful!