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Lea Observatory (Duel / DM Map)

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    So what youre saying is that you can't quite get it back to the original version that was created for the old scaling? I know certain jumps would be hard or impossible to land with a general 15% scale increase, but I figure that if little tweaks were done to put a band-aid over those and make them possible again, then things would work out.

    But if you say it looks gigantic, then I believe you. Scaling is a hard thing, and if you say it can't quite be brought back to the original "feel" without starting from scratch, then i believe you.

    Do we have the 4.5% scaled up version in the game now? Or is that sitting on your computer only?

    Oh yeah and come back to UT and finish Deep plzzzzzz. Lea and Deep are good maps that just need to be tweaked to perfection so they can be as popular as ASDF and Erase!!
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      Is the map updated (to the new scale) now?


        Well is it possible to get this map for offline lan Play ?! try to Play but it works only online ;(