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    Now up on the marketplace. Enjoy!

    Thanks to Epic and Mapcore for hosting level design competition. Also special thanks to Setakat for the level description and additional play testing.

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    Is the brightness of the map supposed to be OK? I feel that there's too much whiteness and lack of contrast in this version, compared to the screenshots you posted on the WIP forum's thread, where the lighting looks just gorgeous. I'm asking this because I noticed Batrankus is also brighter than I intended it to be, but it's far more noticeable in this level.

    I'm also having worse performance than any of the other Marketplace maps, but I dunno if there's something you can do about that.

    I think the placement and aiming of the PlayerStart near the lift & 2 healthpacks could be tweaked a little. I bumped at one of the round things next to the lift most of the times I spawned there. I'm also not sure if the other spawns could be tweaked too, since some of them (Flak) are placed right next to a weapon, whereas it takes me some time to find my first weapon when I spawn at some of the other PlayerStarts. Should become less of an issue once I get used to the map's layout though.

    And now that I'm done with the criticism... Super cool map! The meshwork is fantastic and I love the ammount of different spaces and interactions you managed to create here. While I was a little disoriented the first time I played it, I also felt that I was just grasping the surface and I'm sure I'll be finding it more and more interesting the more I play it!

    Fantastic work!
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    DM-Batrankus is out on the UT Marketplace! Enjoy!

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      Yep, map plays great, but could still need some performance optimizations! Unsaved is THW worst performing map from the new community maps on the marketplace. Lots of stuttering in some areas (seems to a CPU issue, as I got a Gtx 1060 6GB, and only play with all gfg. settings on high), but an Intel Core2 duo 3.3ghz.

      Anyway, great map but I think you may be able to optimize some more (merging meshes? Or Checking if it's lightmap related?)