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    [OFFICIAL] Outpost 23 Discussion

    Hi guys! We just made a post on the blog about Outpost 23.

    If you have any questions for the developers and artists, post here! They'll do their best to answer.
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    I was actually thinking last night it would be really cool if one of the artists could make a short video about their workflow. Pick out one of the assets (say a lift mesh) and talk it through. Doesn't need to be long or in depth but I think it would give people a really nice insight into how it was all put together on a granular level.


      Not sure if it's entirely related, but you guys sorta mentioned it on the stream.

      How would you guys work through a night time lighting scheme on Outpost23? Are there any tricks you might use to achieve a higher level of light quality and visual clarity in a night scene?

      I've been having a hard time getting things to look as good without a bright sky to bounce all the light around. (EDIT: Especially in large outdoor areas.)

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        Hey, the map looks great! But on low settings without post processing the "furnace room" (i belive thats what it is called in the stream) is way too dark. Not only when entering the room but basicly the whole time i stay in it.


          Good stuff to the team on this map so far, I think the visuals are just amazing :-)
          To add to the questions asked so far, I am curious as to the nature of the landscape. I realize this can easily be answered when the level is released in the editor, but I imagine this is one (or several) mesh chunk(s) that make up the overall landscape?

          How do you guys get around some editor issues with intersecting meshes? I notice there are quite a few areas that have meshes intersecting each other but I've noticed that when I do this and build lighting, I get some strange texture warping or UV errors (mind you each mesh has been UV properly, etc). I've only made shell meshes so far, but I was just curious (or perhaps I've missed some steps in the workflow :-)).

          Cheers and nice stuff again. Can't wait to get hands on with these ^_^


            What is the best way I can learn to map at this quality?


              How good does my layout need to be before someone at Epic makes my layout this pretty?


                I personally prefer the mars and the ring planet skyboxes, could you share these assets in the future?



                  i can say, its easy incredible , how look's at all, and yepp, look's like an Movi-set .. really well,
                  Chris and the other have done an really well Work
                  if i see the UT99 and ... this.. also the Cloud's on the heavon, look's really well
                  really well done !

                  But, what i an bit miss, an outside Tournament, behind plants and stones and something..,
                  the most level now be inside and on an Facility .. we should have an big place, also for Snipers and some..,
                  this need's now easy really .. easy places who be outside.. in an Tale or some..

                  best regards


                    Originally posted by Cr4zy View Post
                    How good does my layout need to be before someone at Epic makes my layout this pretty?
                    I was wondering the same thing. If community members create good BSP map mockups, would Epic assist with decorating them?
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                      Originally posted by Flak View Post
                      If you have any questions for the developers and artists, post here! They'll do their best to answer.
                      First of all, thanks for the map. It's a big step up after UT3 and it's great to see actual light sources everywhere and not just random light spots.

                      I understand that the map also serves as engine showcase and visual bar demonstration, but I thought it was a bit too much for an UT map. It has tech demo/benchmark quality, which is obviously very time consuming to create. I suggest many would prefer to get like three less detailed maps from Epic, than one with CG quality, which raises the question: what are the plans for other maps? Would they also be so super detailed, unique and created from scratch or maybe they'll use Outpost23 assets to the maximum to simplify and speed up the creation process?

                      As for the map itself, I think that during the stream you've already answered everyone's question on excessive HDR and dark player models with that it is being worked on, so I wanted to ask why you have chosen glossy surface for the floors? It reflects all light sources, practically doubling them.

                      Doesn't it goes against visual clarity principle?

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                        Hi guys,

                        Are you planning to give access to the editor version of the map so we can inspect the stuff under the hood as well? It would be sooo great!


                          Originally posted by Fisher007 View Post
                          Hi guys,

                          Are you planning to give access to the editor version of the map so we can inspect the stuff under the hood as well? It would be sooo great!
                          As of Wed 3/11 Twitch stream...they said "2 weeks".
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                            I wanted to say that this level look, sound and feel amazing

                            After watching the last stream, I really like all the different WIP / iterations pictures that as been showed, they all look amazing !

                            There is something I notice when browsing around the level in solo, I notice the footstep sounds is all the same everywhere ? I mean, walking on metal, water, plastic or whatever material should sound accordingly.

                            I really like how the meshes are put together. Therefore, I notice few places where they could be better aligned so it would look less like lego blocks and more like a continuous mesh. Note that I have sharp eyes for this and most players won't notice that anyway. If wanted, I can take screenshots and send them to someone at Epic since few employees work on this map ?

                            A very important factor to me about visual clarity vs. the visuals. UT players audience is extremely wide visually speaking. Some like simple visuals (limited FX like COMP / HOLP / most UOF-Low Poly type maps) while other prefer very detailed visuals (full FX like CBP3 / Evil Map Pack / UOF maps). Personally, I prefer maps which the emphasis is more on visuals and atmosphere rather than fast action with graphics that isn't inspiring.

                            Also, UT isn't only hardcore players, far from it. I just hope you won't dumb down the visuals just to "accommodate" hardcore players. UE4 is the top gaming engine on the planet and UT4 should use it at is full potential imho ! I think we can still have great action yet still have awesome visuals For example of a dumb down FX is like the Shock combo effect which I found graphically much less interesting to watch in the name of visual clarity

                            In Outpost 23, the transitions between inside / outside areas adds a new dynamic to gameplay. It is very realistic and reflect it's 2015 now

                            Outpost 23 is an amazing level and I'm curious to see what will come next
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                              Originally posted by ~SPECTRE~ View Post
                              As of Wed 3/11 Twitch stream...they said "2 weeks".

                              That response should be celebrated and glorified.