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CTF-Romra_b2 and CTF-Flumadiddle_a02

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    CTF-Romra_b2 and CTF-Flumadiddle_a02

    Hey guys, 1 remake map by John "-=}WoLvErInE{=-" and 1 updated map that ive been working on and off for a while now. Please play them and give us some feed back. Both of these maps are designed for the instagib ctf players. Small fast paced maps that play best with instagib.

    Both maps can be played on the Violent Pacfication iCTF server at

    Author: -=}WoLvErInE{=-
    Notes: Remake of popular iCTF map.
    MD5: 0159c89bf7e1373ff7021d68077deaff

    Author: PayBack
    Notes: Flumadiddle is an Americanism that arose in the 1840s as a combination of flummery, meaning "complete nonsense," and diddle, meaning "to fool with."
    Notes: iCTF map designed around an arena theme with close quarter fighting. The blue colors look pink because of the most recent build.
    MD5: 62a19a64858b93b70f5681a23273a185

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    After I tried both map last night this is what I come up with.

    Romra: Even if it is darker than B1, it is still hard to see the enemy character. Seeing both difference having the same result suggest that the trouble is not with the map lighting but rather EPIC answer on character visibility, so I would use a wait and see approach on that side. When you have to look on the side of which you have white cloud and can still seem too bright. This again might not be the map issue but rather how the game manage the light or maybe EPIC will make it so that character wearing sun glass affect light.

    I tried it as well in Low Gravity and I think having the chain to be tangible would be a great addition. That way it can be used to dodge back toward the map if you happen to be boost toward it instead of passing through it.

    I like the fact the kill zone is so close to the platform this negate the need of a suicide key to get back into the game quickly if you happen to fall off the map.

    Those are all small detail, neither of them are really game breaking.

    Flumadiddle: That map seem to had a name change recently on the server. I like how it seem to be a cross between thorns and Frag ***** arena. The map play well in both normal and low gravity.

    I feel like there is only 1 spawn point in each base which could be bad. For some reason I seem to missed the teleporter that lead to the boots every time ( at least the first time I played) since you try to get in the action as fast as possible and the first thing I could see are either the middle door or the other teleporter. It make it easy to predict when the enemy is coming from.

    I like that your jump pad in the middle is not broken in low gravity as it is for so many other map out there and that if you jump too high in the ceiling you get killed by the fan there.

    All in all it is a fun map to play in the Barns, thorns tradition.


      Thanks for the detailed review LeChris. Yes the Flumadiddle map has changed names a few times now, just because I really didnt know where I was going with it. I am really happy with where it is right now though in terms of theme and look, it still needs some more polishing though. Each base actually has like 8 spawn points, each one of those spawn chambers has a spawn point in it. No teleporter leads to the boots, the teleport on the right takes you high side on the right, the teleport left takes you low side on the left, the boots are low side on the right.


        I joined a game that was running Romra last night, although my ping was high it was still really fun
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          Any chance you can recook Romra? It's a fun map to play when you're in the mood for a super small map hehe.