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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-Dreary

    I like this map from UT99. Couldn't find any sign of UT4 remake here, so I gave it a try myself.
    Version 2015-09-01: pak source
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.png
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ID:	358051

    Because of differences between UT99 and UT4, I decided to change the map's layout somewhat:
    - Central passage at the bottom level has been divided into two separate tunnels. This is to allow safer spawning there, and to somewhat increase the chances to intercept a flag runner.
    - Miniguns have been moved to those tunnels.
    - Top level's center area's layout is changed. Now it's made of two smallish 0-shaped rooms with a biorifle each, connected by a short tight corridor with 150. This is to make spawning here a little more sensible than UT99's face-to-face style, and to make running with a flag a little even more harder.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	3.png
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ID:	358053
    - Ripper is, obviously, replaced. By another link-gun.
    - Spawn points are now: beside the miniguns on the bottom level, beside the biorifles on the top level and right against link-guns at the side rooms on the bottom level. You can count on spawning right before a weapon, and these are far enough from the actual flag room IMO.
    - Flag rooms are also changed.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.png
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ID:	358052
    Didn't bother much with textures, because I am not even sure a small and cramped CTF map can work well in UE4 with all those walldodges and sprinting, and being tight is kinda the whole point of Dreary. So, I decided to show you this, and see if actual people would enjoy such layout.
    Also, you again can reach the upper lateral room from the flagroom directly, and bots again never do that. I suspect there should be a special actor for marking such jumps.
    Speaking of bots, how do you test a nav network in UE4? Am I too dumb to see an orders menu or it's just still not implemented?
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    I placed the .pak folder in my Content folder and started the game, but your map didn't show up. Is anyone else having this problem?

    And the orders menu hasn't been implemented yet I don't believe. I really want it hahaha, so annoying having bots that don't work well together.
    My maps:

    Feedback: "Not too bloody shabby" - Me


      I find the Map not in UT Build im CTF Modus i have the Pak in the Pak folder


        Ah, shoot.
        Try again, should be fixed now.


          I always love seeing UT99 remakes!

          I just played your map with bots, and some of the original map in UT99. Nice work so far. As you mentioned, Dreary has a very tight layout. But I think your version is a lot more tight than the original. I think having curved walls instead of straight may play a part in this. The flagrooms are also a lot smaller. The room with the bridges and 100 armour however feels perfect.

          I'm curious to see where you will take this map. I'd advice to make it a bit larger, keeping some criticial chokepoints, but making the overall feel less claustrophobic.

          And if you decide to continue with the map, don't forget adding windows with heavy rain! For me it is a very strong and signature moodsetter of the map.


            He when come the new Pak?


              Right after it has finished cooking and I get up from bed, which is incidentally right now.

              Made the approach to the flag room somewhat larger. Also changed the flag room itself, now it reminds me of Command.

              wtf, this glass material took so long to cook, and in the end it's just a checkerboard, what the hell UE?
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                Cool Map please Meshes


                  Easier said than done! Secretly, I have almost no experience in 3D modelling. And I wouldn't trust my imagination here either.

                  So, I've replaced the glass with the one from DM-ASDF, and somehow it now shows in the game. Magic.


                    Ah! "Align to %plane%" works again! Gotta release a new version.

                    As I said, I'm not the best 3D artist out there.
                    Well, I tried.