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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-Speedway

    I have been working and playtesting this level for a little while and getting use to making maps for Unreal Tournament 4 and created this CTF map. It is still pretty basic and is only still in grey block stage with alot of geo not lineing up perfectly yet but I was hoping to show it to the community and get some feedback on it. Their not alot too the level and I am thinking about adding some more coplicated routes and maybe enclosing some of the area but part of me really enjoys the openess to the map. I am focusing really only on the two types of guns which is snipers and rocket launchers. The original idea was to make it kinda like a roadway with a bunch of overpasses and it kinda taken on a shooting gallery feel for it atleast if your sniping it feels that way.

    I am looking for feedback on whether or not to enclose large area in the map or to keep it open as is also with the map in general and how people feel about it.

    Some Screenshots

    Download Link: Google Drive
    This is my first map I have put on the forum even know I have been using UDK and Unreal 4 for a while now and if their anything I missed that you thought was missing from my post or in any other area please let me know.
    Attached Files

    I'll give it a run over the weekend and let you know what I think. I tend to play with bots, so keep that in mind. I have a feeling that the hit scan stuff on this is gonna be insane, and that capturing a flag could be incredibly hard without completely suppressing the other teams spawn under rocket and sniper fire. Might play completely differently though, so I'll just have to give it a go
    My maps:

    Feedback: "Not too bloody shabby" - Me