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    Great to see you working on this! Played the shax out of Faze in UT3 (a DM-Edge remake would be welcomed too )

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    It looks small and tight in the screenshots but it's actually much roomier and more open than it looks. Can't really say without playing vs other players but might be a little too big and open.

    Also the lift below the vent shaft leading to the shield is too slow to lift jump up to the shaft.
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    Awesome! Glad to see the technique I showed you of using a 3d modeling app to create the low poly map worked out. Here's to hoping BSP 2.0 comes out sometime this century.

    Look forward to giving it a test run. I'll give you feedback later.

    -Neil (CaptainMigraine)

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  • started a topic [PROTOTYPE] DM-Faze


    DM-Faze is a remake of my UT3 level from HOLP3.

    Faze is designed for DM/TDM, this is a remake of the UT3 layout, however it continues many changes and improvements

    Current release: Version 05

    New improved areas, additional weapons, some more UT4 friendly movement options and a ton more (see changelog)

    ::Version 05:: 29/03/2017
    +Fixed small issue with a floor surface being angled when it shouldnt have been
    +Fixed floor lightmap overlaps
    +Cooked for new UT build
    ::Version 04:: 23/03/2017
    +Edge of belt window/wall no longer has 45degree slopes that you can stand on
    +Link side of belt window now has a wall-run slope instead of the previous 45degree angle
    +Fixed a flickering face at the Udmg
    +Slightly modified wall at rockets which had 45degree angle where the pillars were, now it's flat and angles in at the slope
    +Extended wall into shock room slightly
    +Covered grating area at shockrifle lift
    +More changes to the flak area
    +Tweaked weapon placements again (middle shock/sniper switched)
    +Ammo placement adjusted to balance weapon placement changes
    +Fixed bug where you could jumpboot around the outside of the map and glitch back in through backfaces
    ::Version 03:: 25/08/2015
    +Redesigned areas around "dead zones" (bio room and opposite end of stinger corridor behind sniper)
    Bio platform now extends much further out  has a LOS blocker to make it less of a "hitscan area"
    New platform has a jumppad to linkgun above, not sure if required.
    New area ads another platform above the two lift jumps and provides a location for helmet pickup and second shock
    +Added a helmet pickup
    +Weapon placement changes:
    Rockets replaced with Shock
    Shock replaced with Sniper
    Sniper replaced with Link
    Bio switched with Flak
    New Shock at opposite end of stinger corridor (2x shocks in map)
    New Rockets above Thigh pads
    +Each Shock only has one ammo close by, other single weapons have two
    +Moved 2 vials from Bio(Flak last build)/vest area towards lift to belt
    +Added new 25hp keg at Link (sniper last build)
    +Slightly modified height of Shock(rockets last build) ramp in mid
    +Added a wall-run slope above the mid shock(rockets last build)
    This slightly changes platform at belt no 90 corner from link instead 45
    Modified wall between belt platform and upper link(previously sniper) makes the link platform slightly smaller
    +Fixed LOS issue between mid area and 25keg at link ramp by lowering roof in lower area slightly
    +Some ammo placement changes due to weapon position changes
    +Slightly increased the size of the liftjump > belt vent
    +Added slight indent to wall above vent at link gun vent (sniper in last build)
    +Opened up the wall around the small pillar next to bio (flak last build)
    +Added small platform to allow a small back route from link(previously sniper)/liftjump to udmg
    +Removed one vial from near Udmg/Stinger
    +Lowered and sloped floor in room across from Udmg slightly to make dodging back and forth much more consistent
    +Added some grating style floor near new helmet area due to foor being raised this gives a player below some LOS
    +Removed some of the extruding pieces in the lower section near the 25 keg
    +Added a small grate between new Rocket placement and thigh pads
    +Added a window between Belt and Link side
    +Removed wall alongside of link ramp
    +Widened jump pad area at stinger to make it less annoying
    +Fixed a missing face below thigh pads
    +Fixed missing faces on frames at Udmg
    +Indented wall where pillars used to be in lower section at 25 keg
    +Added LOS window back in between sniper(previously rockets) and mid area
    +Added a 45degree angle to lower ceiling facing new shock area/25keg
    +Added some hint text
    ::Version 02:: 23/08/2015
    +Changed all lifts in the level to use EaseIn-Out movement instead of linear (for much better lift feel)
    +Adjusted lift times to accommodate movement changes
    +Fixed a missing ceiling piece between boots/rocket
    +Wallrun above lift at link area
    Download v05:
    Updated for latest build, same file name
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