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CTF - Skyfect (1v1)

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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF - Skyfect (1v1)

    Hey all, I'm completely new to the Unreal Editor and just pulled up this tiny little level to learn the basics. It's a 1v1 CTF Duel inspired by Joust from UT2004. And by 'inspired', I don't mean a remake. The only things they share is the concept of a Duelling CTF and a heavy reliance on your trusty Rocket Launcher Please give it a shot and let me know what you think.

    Skyfects are stratospheric mini-bases setup by Liandri far above crucial battle arenas to keep away any unfair air assistance in Grand Tourney matches. The two-man team sent tonight to man the Skyfect high above TitanPass start fighting among themselves to take the swankier and renovated BLUE side over the neglected and dilapidated RED.









    The TransDisk does NOT travel across the bases and may only be used within a base for very short distances. A Cube Blocker (invisible) ensures this. Explosive Jumping is the only way to get across the bases.

    Like I mentioned before, I'm an absolute dummy at this and I'll welcome any kind of opinion, criticism or feedback.

    Surya Sel.
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    Alternate DL Link is up...

    Alternate Mirror:


      That looks like it would be very frustrating to play on. How do you get from one base to the other? Why is the flag on a pole? How do you return the flag? Also the pooling of resources is kinda pointless since one link gun shot and you can be pulled off the map. You dont need to put every gun/powerup in a map, you want to make a good balance between high value weapons, vulnerable positions and advantageous positions combined with a high risk/reward. Its a good first attempt and kudos for learning the editor, keep it up and im sure you will improve.
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        Originally posted by -jay- View Post
        That looks like ---- you will improve.
        Thanks for the feedback Jay, really appreciate it.

        I did playtested this with a couple o' friends over LAN and it seemed allright then to me. It's easy to to get from one base to another... even a not-so-well timed explosive jump easily takes you across. The flag is on the pole so as to force the player to go get Beefed up from the 'Pickups' side before going for the flag grab. Yeah, I gotta admit it was pretty hard to get a cap and the game almost always went into Overtime but that was the idea behind the 1v1 CTF. But I guess I need to work a lot more on getting the right balance. Any advice on this front would be most welcome.