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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-MissileBase


    A nuclear missile on top of a volcano based on some concept art I did last semester in university.
    The style is a mix of soviet era and experimental future technology


    • Lots of vertical game play
    • A Rocket!!
    • A massive railgun ontop of tower
    • A slowass train elevator

    • elevator plays elevator music

    In progress:
    • replace blockout with proper models


    • Rocket launches at end of the game
    • elevator can be controlled by buttons and moved to different levels


    You can get the current version from my
    Dropbox HERE [updated]



    More pictures:

    Prop Showcase:


    Concept Art:


    More pictures:


    Hope you guys like it, I will post updates
    Also, first post here yay
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    Welcome to the forum

    Omg make this happen, it looks awesome! As long as you make sure the geometry, scale, balance and general flow of the map is as good as your concept it will be an awesome journey to see this map being created Good luck!


      Yup, thats what I am focusing on at the moment. The biggest problem seems to be preventing players from running around in the landscape...


        So I worked on establishing the mood of the map with some materials and lighting, and Im quite happy with the results.

        I also started adding details that would allow for smoother and more connected gameplay, as well as allowing skilled players to use the environment to their advantage with wallruns, slides and liftjumps etc..

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          Originally posted by TheRobbi5 View Post
          as well as allowing skilled players to use the environment to their advantage with wallruns, slides and liftjumps etc..
          You know how to make me very happy...
          Good job so far. It's an interesting scaling, looks pretty small for me however i'd like to playtest it


            The scaling can be missleading, I usually play with about 5 bots to keep the action up. Ill upload something when I finish the blockout in the top floors


              Originally posted by TheRobbi5 View Post
              Yup, thats what I am focusing on at the moment. The biggest problem seems to be preventing players from running around in the landscape...
              Hit them with a "Pain" volume! ...they'll come back in a hurry!

     -=- {AW}'s Community Map Test Server -=-


                So I did quite a lot about how well the level plays in the last two weeks..

                Most notably, I added another corridor along the upper floors, which is going to be semi collapsed with an open ceiling. Gameplay wise its more than just a corridor, as it combines with the already existing level to create a more open battle area, as opposed to simply being an underused passage between the tower and the bottom levels.
                The new corridor has a jumppad which leads through the back window of the tower, so there are now 3 paths (4 counting jump boots) into the tower as opposed to 2, which makes the map way more connected and the tower less of an isolated snipernest. With another collapsed wall along the upper back area the usage of the map finally feels equally balanced and fun, as opposed to all the action going on downstairs.
                That is also due to the more balanced repostioning of the weapons and pickups. During playtesting sessions with friends I have been happy to see people combine the power of the biorifle and linkgun in the new area, while there is still adequate amount of fighting going on over the lava stream.
                Since at this map size the amount of required players is quite high(I had nice experiences at around 8-10) I increased the amount of health and armor pickups to be found. I also introduced ammo pickups to the map, so everyone has something to shoot with
                Moreover I added various kill-z volumes because people where using the vast height differences in this map to go places that break space and time. Whoever tries to explore outer space now should expect swift consequences.
                Finally I added some neat stock content particle effects and some rubble placeholder rocks to make it look prettyish.

                I feel close to being done with the blockout, next thursday I hope to have it playtested again at school, and I am going to attatch a .pak file so I hope you guys will give it a go and get me some feedback

                The Pak file: dropbox

                New Screenshots: imgur

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                  I haven't made a thread update in a while and since I have been working on the props and shaders for the level I decided to show you where its at. The last two images are a bit of a sneak peak

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                    haha, nice, the last 2 pictures remind me of this (friend of mine is also working on a "missile base" , currently on hold)

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                    WIP - Maps (UT - Build


                      I made another batch of screenshots to keep you guys up to date, I have been working on some slightly more "specialised" meshes (a mix of unique and modular stuff really)
                      I have also created the one "concrete+paint-shader" to rule them all, in order to replace the starter content stuff, I am yet to apply it to all surfaces, but it will be able to handle them all since it has 39 parameters :P

                      There are still some large undressed chunks, but a lot of it can now be shaded and decorated with the stuff I already have. Though I will have to make a few custom meshes for: The heat generator, the railgun, the lifts, a satellite dish on the molten bunker, some screens for the control tower and some rubble for the destroyed areas
                      I am also not quite sure how to handle the background yet.

                      I would hugely appreciate some feedback, since I have to hand the level in for an assignment on Wednesday afternoon (Though I don't plan ditching the project after I hand in, since I am having way to much fun with this ^^)
                      Hope you enjoy the screenshots!

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                        Give a Pak for this Map?


                          There is an older one in the description


                            This has a lot of UT99 vibe to it. The Russian text doesn't really fit the whole UT -universe but otherwise its pretty nice. I like how cold it looks!
                            Soundcloud / Soundtracks Thread


                              Thanks The setting is based on a concept art assignment I did last summer, so its supposed to be a "futuristic-soviet Arctic-volcano missile-base" which I know is quite a mouthfull, but hey it at least makes for an interesting style/mood :P