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CTF-andYard with Botsupport

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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-andYard with Botsupport

    Hi there,

    my first UT4 map. I already tried making maps with older UTed versions before, but nothing noticeable in any way.
    The map is in its basic style like CTF-andAction, just one "room" to have some fraging fun.

    I usually just play InstaGib so i'm not so familliar with weapon pickup locations and powerup placement, i just placed them were i thought it fits. At the moment maybe there is too much Minigun/Linkgun spamming? since you get them right at the spawn points.

    Check it out! you can test it with bots! any feedback is welcome.

    If anyone wants to test it on a server:
    RedirectReferences=(PackageName="CTF-andYard-WindowsNoEditor", PackageURLProtocol="http", PackageURL="", PackageChecksum="6789ee65551f2e81c7fa67ba6dac310b")

    I tested it with 3&7 bots so far.

    Update 1:
    - added blocking volume and other stuff that one usually doesn't see
    - added post processing volume (changed: depth of field, auto exposure, saturation)
    - updated checksum

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    Looks interesting! Thanks for all the required information, putting this on the Community Instagib Mega Hub now!

    Just checked it out, you really need to put up blocking volumes, its very easy to get outside of the map.
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      Thanks, forgot about translocators and low grav...
      Updated the map.