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DM-Campgrounds-B3K v1

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Campgrounds-B3K v1

    Update 8.11.2015

    changelog 8.11.2015:

    -initial 1-1 port from ut2k4, with sphere reflections.

    todo list:
    *replace Textures with new ones but visually keep the same theme of map

    *make shaders for map

    *add sounds


    Good. Movement is very limited though compared to what was possible in UT2004. Probably why it was played/liked so much. Not sure I would enjoy this as much on the current movement system, even if it was heavily tweaked. Suppose you could add some wallrun/slide thing from bridge to sniper. Jump pads should kick up higher.


      Better port Quake 3 version of this map


        Originally posted by e1vp View Post
        Better port Quake 3 version of this map
        People from pugs asked me to port this one. They said its "best" version of camps.

        Also about tricks you can still do them...


          I'd make it look more in line with how q3 looked, don't like this look.. Maybe I'm to used to the old q3 theme, but I honestly find it 10x better looking :s

          I don't mind the actual layout being changed, it's a new game after all and great work so far OP
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            Some WIP shots, Much fire oO, i need to fix it also ambient sounds are very loud, I don't know how to tune them down... i am free for next 2 days, hopefully I will upload V2 till friday


              texturing is pretty awful right now but i see it in the point in to do list. so i am curious about where it's going to go.
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                Can you cook this up for the latest build? Would like to play it.


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                    I will rework the map later this day, alot textures are missplaced.

                    I need to install UDK, you are gonna have to wait few days. Cause wall textures don't seem to look properly.
                    And alot shaders missing.


                      gj bass3 - been waiting for this map for the longest