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    This is my first attempt at a competitive/professional CTF map. This map is designed for regular gravity, weapons or IG. I am trying to incorporate a lot of the new movement variables into the map that UT4 provides. This map is designed for the flag runner as you should never be out of options to evade, trick jump, slide, wall dodge your way through the map. I spent a good amount of time fine tuning these spots to allow for chaining of multiple movements to really help a flag runner who knows what he is doing traverse the map quickly and efficiently. At the same time in a lot of situations the very layout that helps a flag runner can be very advantageous to a defender with the right weapons. Please test this map out and give me as much feedback as you can.

    **Updated** Version 2-8
    -Works with Build 4.11
    -Map is properly compressed
    -Bot Pathing added
    -Made the slime pits on either side escapable without translocator
    -Only 1 rocket launcher on the map now
    -Relocated weapons for better balance
    -Removed slide spots in Amp room
    -Various meshing work throughout the map
    -Removed Jump boots
    -Re-scaled for 15%

    **Updated** Version 2-4
    -Removed Railings around Flag base.
    -Lowered Music Volume
    -Performed Performance/File Size improvements. Removed 40MB from the PAK file.
    -Barring any game breaking issues, this will be the last update until 3.0.

    **Updated** Version 2-3
    -First partially meshed in build.
    -Lighting is still work in progress.
    -No particle systems or decals.
    -Changed the name to just "CTF-Blitz".
    -No bot pathing at this time.

    **Updated** Version 1-5
    -Fixed Music Volume Again
    -This is going to be the final BSP version. After this the next build will be 2.0 where meshing begins.

    **Updated** Version 1-4
    -Fixed Music Volume
    -Added wall running to mid
    -Cleaned up issues and bugs

    **Updated** Version 1-3
    -Music added
    -Added new section to add 2 more entries into flag room
    -Added markers in flag room to make it less disorientating
    -Relocated Weapon placement
    -Added team colors

    Music by Archer6621 - Destroyer

    RedirectReferences=(PackageName="CTF-Blitz_b2-8-WindowsNoEditor", PackageURLProtocol="https", PackageURL="", PackageChecksum="c1ca269db86fc4919158467f435317a3")

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    Hey.. just dled and played around for a bit, and I really think that the flag-to-flag ways are too short.
    My fastest flag runs were around 8-10 seconds. Now I'm not the best ctf-player, but I think this is too short.. especially with all the possibilities for the runner to change direction. Also it's quite the advantage for the flag runner, if you force the enemy to crouch slide on their way to return the flag.

    Just an idea to improve the map: cut it in half and insert a little bit more space between red and blue base. other than that i really like the idea of having crouch slide possibilities in a map. keep at it!


      Thanks for the feedback, I kinda feel the same as well that its a little too close between flag runs and I have a few design ideas to add in some more distance. My idea with the current layout was that the fast move-ability through the level would be toned down by the smaller size, forcing more combat, but I think I agree it needs a bit more.


        I updated to the map to extended the bases and make the map a bit larger. Tweaked the jump pads and added some basic lighting. I am think the theme of this map will end up being an Outpost theme and then each new flag room will be a giant biosphere. So the map itself will be inside a space ship or on a space station. It will create a neat contrast where in the middle sections is super high tech OUtpost stuff but then in the flag rooms its a forest.

        RedirectReferences=(PackageName="CTF-Blitzkrieg_b1-1-WindowsNoEditor", PackageURLProtocol="https", PackageURL="", PackageChecksum="11e2f4615155fde66327eb4e3257ed98")


          Updated with version 1-2, new pics as well. Finished BSP and first lighting pass done. Im going to start meshing soon depending on feedback.


            I just played a few rounds on this map and I really like it

            • dodge+slide move from the flag stand out of base for instance
            • The distance from base to base while being FC felt ok
            • as FC, if someone is following/shooting at you, and you're running backwards, the map is "overseeable"
            • Maybe you could add some visuals in the flag bases so that it is a bit easier to orientate while being in there.

            Otherwise I can't tell you much as I haven't got that insight in CTF as others here (Beginner speaking )

            Looking forward to your next update!
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              Tested the new version and I like it a lot better. Maybe you can get the pug guys to playtest it once or twice... I think I lack the ctf-experience to comment any more about it, but I just can say moving around in it feels quite nice!

              off to #ut4pugs !


                Originally posted by rawlph View Post
                Tested the new version and I like it a lot better. Maybe you can get the pug guys to playtest it once or twice... I think I lack the ctf-experience to comment any more about it, but I just can say moving around in it feels quite nice!

                off to #ut4pugs !
                Thanks man!

                I just put up version 1-3 based on feedback from last night.


                  We've been fooling around in this map the past few days. I must say it is probably my favorite map that I've played to date. It really optimizes movement, especially the slide exceptionally well. None of the other maps feel as well thought out from both a flag runner's and a defender's perspective. This should be the gold standard people who make maps aspire to IMO. Thanks for making it, -jay-. It's appreciated more than I can ever express.


                    I just played around on this map for a bit, its great! Since im very inexperienced in the sliding and walljumping bit, this is quite a hard map for me to get around on. But with practice i can see this becoming one of my favorite maps since it has very fluid paths to the flag bases.

                    Great map! Special mention for the music, i love it


                      Yeah, I had reservations at first but it actually played decently and I'll have to give it another shot soon with your new changes.

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                        Enjoyed the changes, map became twice as good with the side hall additions. Overall felt less confusion in bases. Amp location nice addition.

                        UT4 modding discussion: #UTModders
                        Contrib Digest | UT2341 - Henrik's UT4 Dev Blog | Twitter


                          Thanks for all the feedback and testing over the weekend guys, I really appreciated it. I uploaded version 1-5 which will be the last BSP version of the map. I am happy with the design and layout and will be sticking with it. Next release will be Version 2-1 which will be the beginning of the meshing.


                            started the pretty

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                              Been putting a lot of work into meshing this map. Here are some of the latest screenshots. The theme has really be solidified as a sorta of underground waste disposal system. Lots of dirty, beat up metal.

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