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    [OFFICIAL] CTF-Plaza

    Hey guys,

    As we mentioned on the stream today the next build will include CTF-Plaza as a new WIP shell. I had/needed a bit of downtime from other tasks and had the flag room idea kicking around in my head and on paper for a while on the side. My goal is to have another fast paced small-medium sized CTF map that encourages team runs and trick jumps. Theme loosely veered off towards a mall/plaza look though it could really go a bunch of different directions.

    One thing I am keeping an eye on is sniper dominance in the midfield as it's incredibly open if you don't make an effort to stay hidden and check your surroundings often, though I am waiting to see what more playtesting in the wild will tell.

    It hasn't really had much iteration yet so very much looking forward to feedback and input.

    Meant to allow a good amount of weaving/looping/juking/double backing/etc. Shieldbelt on the skywalk is the only powerup in the middle atm. Health pickups spaced out to the sides.

    Base Entrance
    High/low chokes connecting to sniper platform and low ground. Door is not actually ever locked (oops editor screenshot )

    Flag Approach
    Straight transloc or impact jump/wallrun to and from the flag. The panels on the wall are a new type of teamdeco that gives audio visual feedback when people traverse/touch them. Notice armor cubby on the left that is meant to be a tight and risky but also fun to navigate safe spot and also doubles as a decent stopgap when taking the long way around to grab the flag.

    High side path. Leads to health and vantage point on the right and an alternate approach/exit from the flag room. Also overlooks the central flag approach.

    Flag Room
    Low sneaky side approach and Rocket/Armor. Straight view to base entrance. High side path to HP/Thighpads/Shock

    Attached Files

    Those trees.

    Oh baby.

    I really like the LOS to the flag, can you wall run down from the flag platform to the front?


      I'm just gonna leave this here....

      This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version


        I like and want more small/medium sized maps and the layout is interesting. But the theme and name of Plaza just doesnt excite me at all, nearly every COD and BF game has had some version of a Plaza or an actual map named Plaza. Its really a theme that has been beat to death by most modern FPS games. Bring back the spaceships, aliens, alien planets themes.


          I, for one, LOVE plaza style maps, and can't wait to see an art' out version of this map!


            Another ctf map... wtf

            This looks good anyway


              Good work sid i can wait to play it


                So this is where people in the UT universe do their shopping. Of course the most important map settings are deserted ruins, alien places, and remote sci-fi facilities but this is also interesting in a way. Unlike those settings this map could show us a part of what the combatants are doing when they're not competing in the tournament.


                  Well we do need one more hi-tech / scifi / futuristic looking city theme IMO which I guess is the idea here. The same theme which could be added to the DM map as well. It doesn't look particularly futuristic with BSP only but I'm sure it will get quite the makeover when texturing takes place.

                  Looks quite promissing to me.


                    This came to my mind when I saw the central area pic:
                    "Yeah. _Lynx can fire the lightning gun, have the lightning bolt turn a 90 degree corner, stop and ask the closest teammate for directions, confuse the directions and get lost, realize it went the wrong way, make a U-Turn, and get a headshot on the intended target."
                    - RenegadeRetard


                      In-game marketplace? Zing!

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                        Just played CTF-Plaza for a little bit. I'm too tired to try and analyze it gameplay-wise, but I just wanna say I'm absolutely in love with the design and lighting. It simply feels amazing to play this map!


                          some gameplay video:


                          UT4 modding discussion: #UTModders
                          Contrib Digest | UT2341 - Henrik's UT4 Dev Blog | Twitter


                            Absolutely killer map! Love every bit of it...

                            I feel that there are too many weapons in the bases compared to the outside, so the only suggestion I would make is moving one of the base weapons to the outside (probably the LinkGun). I would also ask to remove the doors if they are not completely neccessary, as they can sometimes be a bit buggy with higher pings.

                            BTW, I am a little colorblind and, playing in the Blue team, when the enemy players entered my base, they looked a bit like blue players, which confused me several times in the two games I have played so far. Are there any lights in the bases affecting the player models?
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                              I like some part of this map, some not. I think by creating this map design had the priority not the actual gameplay.