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Community WIP Maps on Epic HUBs

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    [OFFICIAL] Community WIP Maps on Epic HUBs

    Hey all,

    It's been a long time coming but we are now finalizing our plans to provide select WIP community created levels the option to be included on a few of our official HUBs via re-directs. The purpose of this initiative is not to curate finalized "shipped" levels (which will be figured out on a separate track) but rather to allow a wider range of people access to test these maps and provide feedback while they are still in development.

    We may choose what shells to include for a variety of reasons:

    • Overall quality/promise
    • Activity of the map authors
    • Popularity within the community as a whole
    • Unique ideas/hooks/visual themes
    • We might identify something that is near done as potentially benefitting from more feedback
    • Cover a broad range of playstyles and gametypes
    • Etc

    Again, our goal for this is to allow iteration and to facilitate potential collaboration between community members. If there is a popular shell that hasn't seen changes in weeks/months that you would love to see progress on, maybe you can help find the author to see what's up and/or if they are maybe willing to collaborate. Same for artists that might see a shell that they are interested in in terms of visual potential and/or theme.

    Every time we go through a new cycle this thread will be updated with the relevant information - Maps that don’t see a lot of activity will eventually get rotated out again as we want to keep our focus on making progress.

    What we’ll need from you if you are on the list:

    • Be active and interested in being included in this endeavor
    • Make sure all relevant information in World Properties in your level is up to date and filled out (Author, player counts, description if applicable, etc)
    • Add a screenshot to your level in World Properties using the provided attached border (bottom of this post). We want people to be able to identify and seek out community maps easily. Make sure the TextureGroup on your texture asset is set to “UI”.
    • Be mindful of the file size of your level and ergo download times for users. Most of the bloat comes from lightmap textures which can be most easily addressed in shells by setting unseen BSP surfaces to the max resolution (65536) or applying an unlit material to them and generally doing a broad sweep of lowering resolution in areas that don’t have much direct lighting. Lightmap density viewmode is also helpful in determining low hanging fruit, especially in meshed levels (red=high density, blue=low). You always want to lowball resolution and then tune up where needed.
    • Cook your map using the latest released Editor Build and provide a download link in your relevant level thread. The more easily identifiable the latest version the better (i.e. edit OP vs bottom of the thread)
    • Last but not least - Include this line in your thread along with the DL link - “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( ).”
      • This doesn't mean we are making any these maps official (yet? ) but this is the proper process for us to be providing other users with access to your work.

    We’re super excited about finally getting this off the ground and hope it will be useful to you guys. Thanks to everybody who has been putting in the time to create cool stuff!.
    Also a big thanks to the guys who have been putting in the effort to provide community mappers with places to test their creations so far, and hopefully will continue to do so.

    We’ll give people a couple days to react once the new build hits the wild and then go ahead and do a sweep of the linked threads to scour for new pak files and go from there. This may still take a while to get going and we'll likely hit a snag or two as we go through this process. We'll keep using this thread as we update the list.


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    Round 1:

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