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DM-Chillout - Halo 2's Lockout

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    DM-Chillout - Halo 2's Lockout

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to introduce DM-Chillout. The map is inspired by Halo 2's famous map Lockout. I have designed it to incorporate the speed and movement of Unreal Tournament gameplay. Each part of the map is unique and adds that extra element of fun! I have been working on the map for a little bit and I am happy to release it. All feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy it!

    Map Info:

    Large player size: Ideal 16
    Regular player size: Ideal 8

    TDM Large: Ideal 8 vs 8
    TDM Regular: Ideal 4 vs 4
    DM: As you wish.

    Resources: Textures, effects, and some objects made by the Unreal Engine 4 community.

    Download: Coming soon for newest release.


    If the image is cut off, see Attached Thumbnails at the bottom.

    Attached Files
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    looks good for ffa dm ****fests : >


      Yeah its good for that too lol


        looks amazing and very accurate to Halo 2`s likeness and feel. Nice recreation!
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          There is a multiplayer map in Halo: Combat Evolved named Chillout.

          Why not just call the map Lockout if the actual name is Lockout? Otherwise, it's just super confusing. Other than that, it's cool. Thanks for sharing.
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            This is UT not Halo

            Das ist ut nicht Halo


              Originally posted by Chris UT4 View Post
              This is UT not Halo

              Das ist ut nicht Halo
              Holy ****! Chris found a translator that works!


                @UTSkaarj thank you, I'm glad you like it. @3Dmatic thanks and I forgot about that map lol. nice catch. @Chris UT4 I am aware of this lol. I am fan of both games and I wanted to create the map.
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                  Interesting looking map you've put up here Silent_Scope. TY for share'n and it's Locked & Loaded on the LoPing Arena server for your enjoyment.
                  Testing will follow.
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                    Wow awesome, thanks DutchSmoke for adding the map to your server! I look forward to seeing it on there.


                      Uploaded to Seniors Nirvana .sr [Dallas] hub. Thanks for the map!!


                        Scale feels a little small, not sure if because it's designed for Halo or because I'm not very familiar with the map. I think I played this in Halo 2 a long time ago, and seem to remember it being larger.


                          @the_Rock that's awesome! thanks for adding the map to your server! @gzv the scale of the map is actually larger than Halo 2's to incorporate the speed of UT. In Halo 2 though you move a lot slower than in UT and because of that it makes the map feel large I think.
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                            Had a go on it, had a blast and noticed a few things;

                            Not necessarily an issue but hit'n invisible water was interesting.

                            Bots tend to get stuck on that jump pad.

                            There's a nice clear halo effect here, pretty funny if you did this intentionally.

                            Some blocking need on these corners.

                            • Niceness on putting the scoped insta on here.
                            • Overall I get a general feeling that the map is a bit small, which would limit it to being just a 1on1 map.

                            TY for share'n and keep up the GooDWorks! (Albeit a non-UT remake)
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                              Hey DutchSmoke, thanks for testing out and playing the map. The first picture, if you fall off the map I have a death box at the bottom that kills the player. This was put in place because on rare instances a player with max health and max armor could survive a very long fall. So it may seem a little strange, but works for the time being. With the second picture, I have noticed that bots sometimes do not act correctly with that jump pad. Most of the time they are successful in completing the jump. This can be improved hopefully in future versions. The halo effect is accidental lol, but I liked it as well. The map is on the small side compared to UT maps in general, especially UT4, but its a great 1 vs 1 map, or small games such as 4 vs 4. If you want all out craziness then increase more lol. Thanks for the post!