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CTF-skxxvn [2vs2]

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    CTF-skxxvn [2vs2]

    Made CTF-skxxvn for 2v2 iCTF, can add weapons but 2v2 nwCTF isn't played much or at all so not bothering atm.

    Fast paced map with easy- and technical running routes.

    Started with this:

    ended up with this:

    short video showing the map a bit

    Attached Files
    ut4 @ ESL
    skeevn: The A-side frags [fragmovie]
    usefull jumps for beginners and advanced
    skeevn 2v2 ictf mappack

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    Glad to see more people getting into map making, its not an easy thing to just pick up. As far as the map itself I would say it needs a bit of work before its ready to be played. Right now you basically have a square room, 1 level flat floor with a few very basic walls that are obstacles and nothing more. This map would have been acceptable in UT99, but it really just doesnt work in UT4. We have so many more options for movement and navigation that simple maps like this just really dont have a place in UT4. Learning to make quality maps that compliment the game is not an easy task, keep up with it and you will improve.
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      As an addition to -jay-'s reply, could you add 2 more stands in each corner, or create another identical map with two extra stands please?
      It seems that there is a possibility gametypes with more than 2 teams may arise, and this map would be nicely playable with more teams.