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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Apathy

    Originally released for UT2004 and later updated for UT3 I am now adding a new features for UT4.

    The new movement developments have encouraged me to incorporate them into the map,
    by tweaking a few areas and adding completely new sections, the choke points have been removed and the map has a more dynamic flow.

    The latest Video shows the changes made from Alpha3a to Alpha3n
    It also has 3 minutes of gameplay at the end so you can get a feel for how it plays.

    It has full bot support and they do a rather good job on masterful and above.


    Future Plans and recent changes

    • Lighting too dark in the tunnels. [Map is now brighter in the enclosed areas]
    • Flack tunnel is small and too linear. [Jump pad with access to Sniper area for more fluid gameplay]

    I am aware that some of the walls may appear bland and un-interesting in the alpha state.
    I intend the map to be mostly indoor and fairly grime ridden.
    Expect some slightly more aesthetic wall filler.
    The previous maps have had a factory type setting but I might steer away from that for this iteration.

    Hopefully it will get used as a Duel and TDM 2v2 map.
    It works well with between 2 and 6 players. 8 at a push.

    Thank you for the comments so far and DutchSmoke for hosting.

    For any admins that might want it on a server...

    Map save file location

    Pak name


    Alpha2 Video

    Alpha2 Screenshots.

    If you would like to see what it might look like in later stages, have a look at the screenshots for the UT3 version here.

    All feedback is useful to me. If you dont like something, tell me about it.
    There is a good chance many people feel the same way and I can change it for something better.
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    Looks cool.


      looks like rebember a tatooine .. ..nice!

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        Looks great! Nice layout

        Only thing I can suggest from the footage is to add lighting to the inside as it seems really dark.
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          Very nice

          Layout is cool and the item balance seems solid. I'd agree with effects69 about the lighting though, it's way too dark in there :P


            BiGUp for putting your work up Flylikeamouse! Locked & loaded onto the LoPing Arena server for your enjoyment!
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              Thanks for the upload DutchSmoke.

              Alpha3n is now ready to play.
              It has some huge bsp improvements. Roof and walls have been 'completed', as far as alpha is concerned.
              No more long dark dark tunnels, better Z axis around the flack cannon.
              A few meshes added in and an overall lighting improvement.

              The youtube video is a little dark compared to how it looks in game.


                Hi, I have an idea for the map size would make a good underwater laboratory proposed for the many windows in the ceiling


                  BiGUp for the update Flylikeamouse! Reloaded & Locked on the LoPing for your enjoyment!
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