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    [PROTOTYPE] DM - Guardian WIP

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    Hey guys! I recently found some free time from a game I'm working on and decided I wanted to make a map for UT4. I've always loved Guardian from Halo 3, so I decided to recreate it but change the look of it completely along with some game play changes. I kept it as close to scale as the original but will be adding in a few map changes that fit UT4 better. Right now it's just the block-out but I will be tweaking it some more and then replacing it with meshes. I will be working on this as much as I can but I will also have to split time between this and the game I am working on but I will update this thread as I go!

    PS. I'm not sure if the prefix "prototype" means the map is downloadable or if it is also/or a WIP.

    Anyways, here is a short clip of some gameplay!

    Let me know what you think! Thanks.

    Blockout: 1/18/2016

    Update: 1/20/2016

    I've decided to stick with the sci-fi theme and I'm going to mix my meshes with the Outpost meshes that are in Unreal. I started on the sniper side to test it out and set up a material and workflow to match the Outpost meshes, here's an early dev screenshot. It might not look like much yet but it will soon! Once I clean up the block-out or get all the basic mesh pieces in I will put a download link up. Thanks

    I Got a few more things done today, thought I'd share. I modeled the building mesh and used the quixel suite Pipeline for the textures. I'm happy with how well my textures are matching up to the ones from the outpost. I can use this pipeline all the way through and use instances from materials that are already made for the outpost. I just duplicate the material and move it to my folder if I need to change the master in any way. This is really fun!

    Update: 1/22/2016
    I started with finishing the roof mesh for the sniper tower, threw in some quick lighting and then moved on to modeling pieces for the center circle. Once I finished the model I imported the sides of the circle and slapped on a simple material to begin testing. Game play feels good, you can wall run all along them to get around quickly, you can get on top and jump down to other areas too.

    Update: I have to get back to working on our game since we got our new server up and running but I plan to work on this map during the weekends. Things will be a little slower but I will still be updating as I work on it. THanks
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    Its looking more like the original! keep us informed, I can't wait to see more.


      I will! I plan to update the post somewhat like a blog. After every work session I will add a screenshot or video and talk about what I did and how I did it!