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CTF - The First Encounter

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    CTF - The First Encounter


    I have been working on a relatively medium-large size CTF map for the community to have a run at, basically it started with the idea of having a multistory car park death-match map, and then I remember how much I suck at mapping DM so I turned it into an open level CTF. Before we get started... I apologize for the name Squirrel lol!!

    Expect the full spectrum of UT weapons, scattered evenly across the bases with the powered weapons equally centralized for both teams to race too, in the middle areas of the map itself. I tested a few weapon configurations and layouts, and the final outcome was modeled slightly off how LavaGiant was in UT99.

    The two team bases are not mirrored, but with the common game type including halves, I though there would be no severe disadvantage to any team in a match. Further to this, each base has its own tricks and trust me, they even out when looked at on a white board (yes I used a white board ). Both bases have more then one choice of egress and ingress paths, and I have allowed for several options for a team to use when approaching for the attack. Defense is made a little easier with the flag rooms been more open and obvious to which way the opposition has decided to come in from and escape.

    It's a urban setting, and a tidy urban setting at that . It is relatively balanced, and if it isn’t then this wasn’t done deliberately. I thought about switching the theme around all together, to a night scene but I thought I’d see how the community took it before making any major changes. I changed the theme and layout of this map so many times, that it is so far from the concept art, and I could probably afford to build a completely different map from my original concept art.

    I'm an old school gamer and I love my lore and story lines, so I justified my themes purpose with a little tale that fits into the unreal universe:
    The first encounter - When Earth lost contact with a mining planet called Newak, a team of scientists were deployed to investigate the communications issue. What they found was horrifying. The once thriving city of Ryndium was completley empty, yet remained in pristine condition. It was the result of humans first encounter with the Skaarj race. Since the end of the Skaarj was, the Planet now belongs to Liandri mining corp. The city square is often used as a Tournament ground for CTF matches and its Tower, a headquarters for Liandri Tarydium mining on Newak.

    I have attached quite a few photos and video walk through with me narrating the layout of the map, I am very open to criticism and any suggestions people have. I would love to hear of any bugs or faults found in the map, and I am aware of the generic grid material that decided to show up during my packaging the other day and this is a minor concern for now. I do have a few spots were the bots have a fit and I am working on this too.
    Enjoy! See you online

    All information regarding the layout and a selection of some of the maps tricks are detailed in the narrated video above

    FILE Path on the computer where the .umap was stored when the .pak file was created: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UnrealTournamentEditor\UnrealTournament\Content\CTF-Squirrel.umap
    The name of the .pak file after it was cooked: CTF-Squirrel-WindowsNoEditor.pak
    URL to download from:
    The MD5 Checksum A27ED900902BB71D1A46B59BC3410059

    Here are the screenshots of the map (I used my Battlefield server as the upload source) - I apologize for not embedding them, I will do that on request!
    - Long shot of the whole outside of the map
    - Screen shot of the market area that separates the two Flag bases - Red Team rear spawn area - High view of red base - Screen shot of Liandri Building from market level view - Just a random screen shot of the side of Red Base Parking lot - Screen shot of blue base (Liandri building) showing side entrance - Ground view screenshot of the Blue Base Main entrance - Shot of upper level of Blue Flag room - Hallways inside the Blue Base - Screen shot of Maintenance room (basement) to one of the market buildings - Screenshot of one of the market buildings interior - Screenshot of the city sewers (underground levels) - Inside the car park bottom floor (Red Base) - One of the main exits to the red base into the markets that separate the two Team bases - Top floor of car park lot (Red Base Flag area)

    To make it a little less of a headache for those with servers:

    MapRotation=/Game/ CTF-Squirrel.umap
    RedirectReferences=(PackageName=" CTF-Squirrel-WindowsNoEditor.pak ", PackageURLProtocol="http", PackageURL="", PackageChecksum="A27ED900902BB71D1A46B59BC3410059")
    Attached Files

    Awesome work!
    I like the blue base!

    -Luigi Rapetta

    My projects list:
    Unreal Monsters | Armor Pickups | Dispersion Pistol for Invasion | Fusion Cannon - a Flak Cannon variant


      Thanks mate, appreciate it.


        Really nice, looks like fun! And great vid to explain everything
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          Thanks to all the people who tested it and gave me some feed back - It is a big map and a lot of people liked the flow of the blue base, but disliked its size...

          I got some good feedback on its aesthetics which was very appreciated as I spent most of my time on this.

          I have taken it all on board, and will work on submitting a new map when I have the time available, I will pretty much duplicated the flow of the blue base in a smaller map and swap the theme around completely.. cheers