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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-Proletariat

    Hello UT Lovers,

    I would like to introduce a Capture the Flag map I've been working on: CTF-Proletariat
    It's my first map in Unreal Tournament 4 and it has been the first time playing around with Unreal Editor so with my little experience I'm pretty happy with the result so far.
    Tho i would like to hear peoples opinion on the map, how it looks, gameplay, pickups, lighting stuff etc to finally come to a version that will fit to the communities needs.

    At first I focussed on building a map for 5v5 Instagib, but in the end I also put weapons and pickups into the map to make it fit for weapons games as well. <-- Version 6 109.1 MB .pak file, cooked into latest build

    Here's some screenshots to give you an impression

    Map Overview:

    Base Outside:

    Middle Part:

    Base Outside:


    Base Main Room:

    I would be very grateful if anyone could put in little of your time in to test the map, play it against bots or put it on a server to (test)play it and give some constructive feedback. Please take in mind that its my first map ever and that im trying and mostly willing to learn to become a better map builder! I will appreciate any input from the community.


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    Just recooked for the latest build.


      You need to update the hyperlink in the first post. It is showing the proper text but the link actually posts to v5 not v6.