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CTF-MarketCrossing - A04 [Updated: 10-Apr-2016]

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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-MarketCrossing - A04 [Updated: 10-Apr-2016]

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first map. My idea with this map is have several ways to the base, there are bridges on side and also underground which leads to flag. I'm not very expierenced mapper, so any feedback is appreciated!

    >>> Download link <<<

    Alpha 04 – 10-Apr-2016
    - Layout changes near flag, now its harder to fall from map (hopefully)
    - Did some other stuff

    Alpha 03 – 04-Apr-2016
    - Layout changes to base. Added columns.
    - Moved around some weapons
    - Small visual updates
    - Added KillZVolume at bottom of map so flag returns when carrier falls into it.

    Alpha 02 – 30-May-2016
    - Make height of castles smaller (visual only, does not affect gameplay)
    - Added blocking volumes so you can't go to roofs anymore
    - Layout changes near flag to make defence easier
    - Replaced bio launcher with bio rifle
    - Replaced helmet with armor vest

    Alpha 01 – 27-May-2016
    -Added map

    Working on BSP layout, but in future I want to replace everything with meshes and terrain. The theme will be two castles on island and river between them.
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    My map: CTF-MarketCrossing (WIP)

    Since you're new around here, I threw this on all of the unrealprime hubs.

    May take a few hours to show up (they need to trigger a self-restart) but it should be there within 24hrs.


      Updated map with blocking volumes and some layout changes. Can't go on roof anymore.
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      My map: CTF-MarketCrossing (WIP)


        [MENTION=249753]RNGuy[/MENTION] Had a quick run around and I do like it. Went through a few different paths and noticed a Xloc path which was a nice touch.

        The first thing that stuck out, was that there was nothing stopping you from going over the edge when you try to return a flag.
        This would be extremely rag inducing if someone shot you from a distance and knocked you off the map.

        If the map still works on the new build, then I'll run around a bit more, otherwise I'll have another go when it is recooked etc...
        Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


          Updated map to A04. I'm now learning how to make static meshes, also need to figure out how to break up stuff. So there wont be updates for some time. I think the layout is complete and now there will be mostly visual updates.

          Bugs: part of BSP disappeared in red underground. I have no idea why. I will replace it with static mesh later.
          I forgot to change A03 to A04 in title, so it will be shown as A03 in map list.

          And some screenshots:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	0xXXWQE.jpg
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          My map: CTF-MarketCrossing (WIP)