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DM-Fall - Mapcore Showdown Entry

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Fall - Mapcore Showdown Entry

    Hi all

    This is my entry to the mapcore contest, my first UT map, As its my first map I am not entirely sure if it works well for UT, I wanted to make a map that isn't just a maze of corridors but built around themed areas for better callout readability and better general themeing. Anyone able to provide feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    It's probably closest to DM-Liandri with a large central chamber with a central vis blocker and side routes off that. I have attempted to provide enough methods for mobility between the three areas (lobby, landing pad and sub level).

    The map is meant to be a lobby and attached areas for a large corporate skyscraper.


    DL Link

    Server Config stuff
    RedirectReferences=(PackageName="DM-FALL-WindowsNoEditor", PackageURLProtocol="http", PackageURL="
    ", PackageChecksum="5f4f58d84d55bc8f316502af84fa73ca")
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    Screenshots are not showing.
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      Odd, I have added the raw addresses as I guess this forum didn't like them added as images.


        Updated the map, same download link as before. Its a little dark inside now but I don't have time to fix that before the deadline, will fix it next week along with any feedback.


          Originally posted by Vilham View Post
          Odd, I have added the raw addresses as I guess this forum didn't like them added as images.
          Any URL is parsed and added as URL (in the advanced editor, if the checkbox is kept activated). There's no automation to embed URLs as image.

          You have to use the "Insert image" button or use the IMG tags like:
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            Hi! Nice screenshots! I haven't played the map (judging from screenshots only) and this map looks slightly cofusing. You said that your goal is to make it not maze-like "I wanted to make a map that isn't just a maze of corridors" This sounds like a good idea, and themed areas is good too, although screenshots indicate something different. I know it's a first phaze, no details nor meshes, however it would be cool to see elements of original architecture and unique things that can direct players already.

            I like how you added multiple levels in the first screenshot. There are some arched gates as well. Will they be made of concrete? Or metal? Maybe they can make this area stand out? It's hard to tell what style the map will represent from the screenshots alone but I assume it's going to be modern futuristic skyscraper or more steam punk architecture (judging from the screenshots I am leaning towards futuristic and industrial concrete skyscraper...)

            From last screenshot I can say that map is going to be symmetrical. I don't know much about team showdown but I think it would be better to break this symmetry at some point. Not just with the item placement and colors but with actual geometry.

            Good luck!
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