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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF-Lookout

    I have updated the level with assets from ut. I made some modifications to the mid section and adjusted the nav mesh so bots don't teleport across from the base to the mid section. Let me know if there are any issues. Thanks and enjoy!
    CTF-Lookout-WindowsNoEditor.pak click to download

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    Wow, the geometry / architecture looks pretty neat. I'll try and give it a look tomorrow and give some feedback.
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      Added details up top.


        Sexy ice fresh map! Downloading now!
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          Like the style. Need to test this one out.


            I REALLY like this map.

            Spent an hour playing it on twitch. Full disclosure I was also testing an Excessive Overkill mutator which is a great way to try and break ctf maps and have fun doing it. You might see somethings in the video I miss but this is what I remember.

            - awnings above windows have no collision
            - if you get very very far away from the field of play you fall for infinity without dying
            - bots occasionally get stuck on each other in spawn
            -at halftime, you switch to the wrong base
            - another spawn outside of the base wouldn't be bad
            - the teleporter to sniper tower doesn't spit you out straight
            - the textures on the ramps and ceiling inside the base seems a little dark compared to the rest of the map
            - the sniper tower pinnacle and has no collision
            - from the roof, to the redeemer pad, you can slide or xloc through the redeemer pad into a little void space
            - some more time could be spent cleaning up collision on the cliffs. there's some invisible ledges and places where you can drop the flag but cant return it without dying
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              Thanks for the feedback! I'll take a look at your twitch video and look into those issues you listed.