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[Map] DM-DeepBlueAstral [The Latest Version 20200711]

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    Originally posted by ÐutchSmºke View Post
    Correct indeed sir!
    Being renamed/hashed, this shouldn't be the case. I have other multi versioned maps that all play with no issue..@EPIC
    More replays to follow!
    Not sure why. I guess that's probably because my maps use mostly custom assets which are constantly modified through the map iterations.

    Originally posted by Achernar View Post
    Hello chonglee, just wanted to say I'm really enjoying all your work on this one. Plays well and I have not found any glitches. Loving the great variety of alternative pathways, makes for so much replay ability, all rapped up in one stunning backdrop. Hats off.
    Hey Achernar, thanks for the feedback! Nice to hear you love the alternative paths. I wonder how you actually use them:P

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