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DM-PubRC1a (giant map, recompiled for the new build)

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  • DM-PubRC1a (giant map, recompiled for the new build)


    Dear Boss,
    All rumors turned out to be the fact- problem with rats has outgrown us. There are hundreds of them! All mouse traps do not work. Our customers just run away from the pub in panic, just like us. We'll be back, if you will finaly deal with this problem.

    Just a short map history- some of you remember, that my new map was called DM-Lobby. At the very first beginning I was planning to create a giant map located in hotel lobby. After a few weeks I decided to add one opened guest room, map was becoming bigger and bigger (both in file-size and in general, dimension). I wasn't fully satisfied, it my opinion it lacks something important- general ambience. I decided to add hotel pub, connect everything with tunels, ventilation systems... But a big problem appeared- map was unplayable even on high-end pc. I made a very hard decision for me- start again and focus just on pub. It took lots of my spare time (wasn't mapping all the time, many real-life perturbations, etc.), but I hope you will enjoy what I've done so far.

    If you want to see how it looked before- simply visit my Imgur album.

    What you can expect from this level? I've tried to achieve a typical pub ambience, with lots of English/European style touches here and there. It's based just on my memories, favourite places I visited, etc. Cigarettes, cognac, Sinatra's music in the background, old gramophone noises, dark ventilation tunels, sewer system connecting pub and toilet area... There are even 3 new weapons- one, based on instagib which you may remember from DM-WarHouse and a new one, BioFusion 2000. The only difference in halloween's reedemer is 3 available missiles on pickup to make this weapon even more deadly and fun.

    My main idea was to create a few map "areas" connected in many different ways- pub/bar, sits, toilet, outside area and lots of different tunnels/doors/sewers, etc. "Outside" part is just a place to take secret weapon and come back to "war" area again, as well as sewer system connecting pub and toilet. You can use these paths as shortcuts too. All ventilation systems are used to travel around map in more safe way and for camping too, of course Check both monitors next to bar- they show camera previews which are placed next to all secret weapons. Another new map-making "trick" for me was creating water volumes in sewer which push player in one direction, to bar exit.

    Why there are 2 versions of Pub- DM-PubRC1 and DM-PubRC1fps? Since there are a few fps problems with final release (you need to put Shadow Quality to low/medium to get stable 60 fps ), I decided to release fps version as well. It hasn't got so many post-processing volumes, as well as meshes, higher quality textures, more simple outside area, etc. I will focus more on this "lighter" version in future to be sure that it will works great in all rigs.

    I hope you will enjoy DM-Pub, as much as it was fun for me to create it. I'm just a beginner in many aspects, so please close your eyes to all of the faults, bad uv's, etc. Have fun guys!

    Changelog (Beta1>RC1):
    - some optimization
    - new trees in outside area (from new epic map)
    - some changes in post-process volumes
    - lots of small changes, both in visual and gameplay side

    Changelog (RC1>RC1a):
    - after lots of strange bugs in the editor I was able to recompile everything for the newest UT build!
    - strange bug with light spots on the ceiling appeared, will fix it soon

    DM-PubRC1a (from, 350 MB, checksum 169494bbbef51f052a5f532355cddc80)
    DM-PubRC1fps coming soon
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    Awesome looking map, use to love the rat maps in quake, hope a few servers will run this and your other map, can these be played with bots ?


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      Bots are fully supported both in WarHouse and Pub map. They can get stuck in a few spots but overall everything is playable in offline mode. Thanks for kind words Daytrader!
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        Thats great news, cant wait to try with bots, cheers


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          BigUp for the recook FreEp! Reloaded & locked onto the LoPing.


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            Thanks DutchSmoke! Just uploaded new RC1 screenshots- video is coming soon too

            Now I need a few breaths and can start making another map. Hurrah!
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              Impressive additions to the map mon! Keep it Up!
              Personally I think the map can do without the the stains on the porceline in the toilet.
              Also there's a slight glitch in the drawer with the xbox controller, keys & pen init. When you move over the items it sets you back a few feet, then u jolt back to where you were.


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                wow well done.
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                  New RC1 video is out and ready! Just some fly-by's and a few clips showing secret areas, etc.

                  , thanks for feedback! You're the second person telling me to remove those stains- I think I need to cleam them up lol Next RC!

                  I'm not sure I understand what your wrote about this glitch- when you're playing with xbox controller you are having some collision issues on drawer in toilet, pens and keys (in WarHouse too?)? I'm not sure I can fix this- it may be something in UT code when you're walking on physical things, etc.

                  PayBack, thank you mate! You're maps are really amazing, glad to hear it from you!
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                    Disregard the glitch issue as this was on warhouse and not pub (getting maps crossed due to back2back play on them). Stronger still this glitch has magically corrected itself (on warhouse), when I went back to screeny the spots in question. There's a slight possibility this was due to having other players on the server at the time, @ this point I can't be sure, so I'll be testing some more later this evening with others to see what happens & my apologies for the mixup.


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                      Great map! Good looking and great gameplay (carnage!) and most importantly, it has very good performance and runs smoothly despite the large size of the map (65-90 fps @ GTX970)
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                        Map recompiled for the newest UT build! Link in the first post, fps version maybe tomorrow

                        It wasn't easy and to be honest I thought that DM-Pub is gone forever Check my bug threat if you have some problems with opening your project in the editor.

                        Small problem appeared- there are a few lighting spots here and there (mainly on the ceiling), I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Overall map is working again...
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                          Great news FreEp!


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                            Thankyou for updating map, cheers


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                              Hi @FreEp!

                              Really missing this Map and Warhouse! (and I'm by far not the only one )
                              It would be really cool, if you could recook them for the newest build, if you have time to spare.
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