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    Hey guys! This is my first real take at mapping for Unreal Tournament- so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


    Updates since first post:

    This is a CTF map ideally played by 8 players, 4 on each team.

    Link to pak:

    Link to feedback form:

    I'm new to a lot of this, so let me know if I'm missing anything major in terms of my map and forum etiquette!

    I'm very early in the process so things are looking bare:

    PS: thumbnail images show some older versions

    For the uninitiated... download the PAK and place it in this file location (I don't think you'll have the 'MyContent' folder if you haven't mapped yourself- in that case just place the pak in the 'Paks' folder:

    Afterwards you can just launch UnrealTournament and create the match in the Custom Match menu. Also, don't change the file name. Almost certain it won't work if you do that.


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    Welcome to the addictive world of mapping!

    Do you have and screen shots you can post?
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      Thanks for the welcome

      I just put them up!



        Welcome to the beginning of your journey, may it have as few bumps in the road as possible.

        If you get stuck, stick out your thumb.

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          Hey, so thanks to all those who have playtested so far.

          The part of the map that I'm trying to most adjust right now is the room captured in the OP. Currently it's mostly being used as a getaway path when you have the opponents' flag, but I'm trying to see if I can make some more combat encounters happen in there. Any ideas or suggestions?




            I've successfully drawn more action into the upper room above the flag bases by slowing down the lift that takes you there, and by also making other paths to enter the room from mid easier. It creates a bottleneck of sorts for players trying to escape with the enemy flag by using the lift, only to be likely met by pressing enemies above.

            Now, I'm trying to figure out how to better place my pickups. Patient players in mid can really stock up on shields, which is intended- as it draws players out of the flag bases. But I notice that bots at least aren't really adjusting their paths to get health items, and some of the weapons are getting neglected (minigun and bio rifle). Also I find *myself* ignoring ammo pickups- which means their placement must really be messed up.

            If anybody else is interested in giving the map a go, please do! As a reminder, the map is best played 4 on 4. I like playing with bots around the Adept-Masterful level, as any difficulty below that they seem to ignore the upper parts of the map.

            Updated pak link is in the OP.


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              Hey all. So I've finally gotten the map to pretty much where I like it from a gameplay perspective, so I've moved on to meshing and lighting. Thanks to all who played and gave feedback!

              Anyways, unfortunately, visual direction and polish was never my strong suit. After struggling for a few weeks in trying a sci-fi, and then a cyber-space aesthetic, I scrapped those ideas and went with an 'under construction' look. I actually like how its coming out (it seems unique and feels clean) - and there's still a lot to do- but I'd like to get some input. Is this a stupid idea? Something in me is telling me that it's a really stupid idea.



                I havent played the map yet, but you really need to figure why the pak file is so large. 300MB for a BSP shell with some textures and lighting is way too big. Most players online will abandon a map if the download is greater than 200MB unless its a really good well known map. UT4 maps have the potential very easily to just balloon in file size if you arent careful. Using custom textures is one of the biggest reasons I see BSP shells get really large in size, its best to just stick with the included ones as they wont add to the .pak file size. For comparison, if I didnt work to reduce the size of CTF-Polaris, the .pak file would be easy easily over 1GB right now, but by just making adjustments to lightmap density and not using 3rd party texture packs, I am able to get the pak down to 165MB.
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                  Yeah, I have a lot of duplicates of textures and static meshes. I also imported some textures and meshes that I ended up not using, so I'm sure I can cut down the size. I'll do a pass where I delete a bunch of stuff from my Content folder.

                  Question: do I need to delete entire folders from my Content Browser that I'm not using? There's a bunch of assets in the Starter Content and in the Restricted Assets folder that I haven't touched. Whenever I package my level I see the log run through a bunch of assets I didn't even know existed.