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DM-Skydrill A small 4 player DM map

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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Skydrill A small 4 player DM map

    During the summer I've been working on this map that takes place on a huge laser drill powered by Liandri. It's designed to be played by 4 players for some fast action deathmatch. There is still a lot to be done on the map just posting it here to get some feedback.

    Download here! (updated 24-01-2017)

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    Any feedback would be appreciated
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    Played it with some bots; I like it! The scale feels right, there's some fun tricks you've implemented like the elevator jumps and the tube near the small elevator you can slide under. Ensuring you don't fall off adds an extra challenge, which is nice. One thing I noticed was that the three little metal bars at the top have no collision (I suppose that's why you mentioned collision still needed work?). I was trying to walk on one of them to get across and was surprised that I fell straight through.

    Also, I know it's still early and you're still working on the environment, but maybe do something with that spaceship out in the distance. If it had some movement / more effects it'd add a nice visual touch. The terrain itself also feels rather plain.


      Reminds me a bit of an industrial version of Peak. Neat!
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        Thanks for testing it out mate!

        Yeah I just removed the bars on the top with no collision since I had other player say the same thing and just walking across to the Udamadge or sniper just makes it to easy for the player to get them.

        There should be an updated version in a couple of weeks (moving out to another city)


          Updated the map with some decals and made some changes to the lightning and water also placed some of the sounds.
          Will update the thread with a new download link soon(updated!).

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            It reminds me of Formidable, minus the layout.

            Lakes and deserts are always cool.

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              Finally got my editor up and running again after a month without Internet (the editor broke so no offline mode) and I also made an upgrade from my GTX 670 to a GTX 1070.
              Any feedback is appreciated i'm going to upload a version to download as soon as the compile is done.(update it's here

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                Looks great. I think it would look even better if you changed some of the colors on more of the materials like the floor. The less you make the map look like Outpost asset color the better.


                  Yeah i'll think about it, might add more metal textures here and there.


                    I havent played the map yet, but I wanted to give some feedback based on the pictures so far. The meshing job looks pretty good so far, only thing I am not a fan of is the 2 pipes over the side. They look stretched out. I also think the map just needs some detail or something for that "wow look at this". Looking over the pictures it looks good, but I get this feeling of it just looks fine the more I look at it. I feel like its missing details or something, I dont wanna keep going back and looking it over because I feel I wont find anything new. Add more spaces maybe, add platforms you cant get to that are just for show, add more pipes, more lights, more tools and more details. Try to get more of the complicated look that most people are familiar with when looking at water based oil rigs/drills. Keep it up!



                      Thanks for the feedback Payback!

                      I'm thinking of adding more "scrap" into the ocean but yeah you're right I need to figure out some thing that will create that WOW factor I'm also thinking about adding more color and re designing parts of the upper floor (where the two antennas are placed) since it looks dull and plays the same on both sides.


                        Highly appreciate you putting your works up for us to play Mr E! Loaded onto the LoPing Arena.
                        I did however, miss the sniper rifle on the initial run on the map...
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                          I removed it since some play testers argued that it did not fit on such a small map but yeah I miss it to might put it back in for the newest release.


                            This looks really fun! I especially like lighting/environment. Gorgeous evening light!




                              Did some small changes with the lightning and played around with the surrounding environment since the water made the reflection look weird.

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