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    [wip] dm-lcc

    Hi everyone!
    I'm making a DM map named "LCC" or "Liandri Cultivation Centre".
    The idea is that Liandri cultivates different plants here with 1 part of the map being a clean visitor's area and the rest being work area.
    Right now im less or more finishing up the guest area. The materials need work and some meshes need replacement. Some dark spots will have better lighting in the next pak and the large empty wall in the guest area needs depth and decoration. Beyond those big priorities theres just more work needed all over the room.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to check my stuff out.

    I have some screenshots and ofcourse a .pak file!

    PS: This map is made as end assignment for one of my classes. You might have seen some of my classmates post around here.
    In case you're interested:
    It's not my purpose to advertise this in any way, it's crowded enough here as is imo.


    Also some old screenshots from earlier this semester for fun:

    Welcome and thank you for share'n your works with us Larcer! Loaded onto the LoPing for your enjoyment.
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