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    [PROTOTYPE] Blitz-Lost to Memory

    Below is a screenie of a low grav map, for the new UT, that I've started working on!
    It's based on one of my favourite pictures on Deviant Art by a very talented artist named ellixus. I got permission from him quite a while back to make the map in UT3 but that never eventuated. Now that UE4 and the new UT is coming I decided that it could be something fun to work on to learn the new engine.

    Original image:

    Original URL for the image:

    Re-designed for the Blitz and Siege gametypes!
    Re-visualized from original to being buried within the think atmosphere of a gas giant!

    Alpha001 build (for original DM version):

    Blitz alpha version:

    Quick DM 'of Blitz alpha' cook:

    Blitz WIP:

    Older DM screens:
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    This looks very interesting! Floating castles, cities and ruins are my favorite!

    There are probably members of the community who could help with meshes if there is enough interest In your map. I'm afraid I lack skills in that department, too.


      Wow, nice start LPS! Those are tough BSP cuts there! I guess you will start to see pretty quickly if UE4 has weird BSP glitches like UE3 had.
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        All good so far. Had one or two glitches appear but they were fixed as soon as they appeared.
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          Curious to see how this turns out Pork!
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            I would say that it could be good piece for portfolio but not for UT level. Unless you will create some nice floorplan.
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              That looks amazing!

              Are you planning to replace the architecture with Nali architecture or stay true to the artist?


                I'll be creating it in BSP so it'll stay somewhat true to the original image. (e.g. I have no moddling skills)
                As for floor plan there will be some adjustment to the positioning of the floating walkways to accommodate game play.
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                  Hey m8, really like what you've done so far This theme fit's perfectly with your style
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                    I love to see this in the game. Floating maps are my favorites.


                      Nice. Reminds me of one of the new Unreal 227 maps, which also has floating landmasses connected by jump pads. But then I'd expect you to have seen it, too
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                        I was quite (pleasantly) surprised the first time I played one of those 227 maps. I definitely see some similarities in this concept, and very much look forward to seeing the progress on it.


                          My free time is limited but here's a pic of the platforms worked on so far. The platforms will be moved into position once all are mostly done.

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                            Very interesting theme! I feel if it were to be laid out like the foreground it may not work well since there would not be enough cover around for people?

                            However, if the main bulk of the map was to be in larger buildings like in the background, with these fractured walkways between them... that could be something awesome

                            I'm not expert on UT at all, but those were just my initial reactions. It does look cool so far. Keep it up!


                              Incredible old buddy. Its going to be interesting to see what you can do with this engine, I remember you working with the UDK and some of slick / sick stuff you came up with.

                              I know what you mean about the free time thing, I'm going to be over here eventually with you guys, I have to finish about 4 OR 5 UT3 maps, CTF-Nextgen, CTF-UnrealAction, CTF-Maul, etc. I spent too much time on those to throw them by the wayside. lolz. (besides all almost complete, I'd be an ultra-flake not to finalize .. a flake I am not)
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