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DM-UT4Map (temp name) Work In Progress

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    DM-UT4Map (temp name) Work In Progress

    WIP 4 NEW

    Download Link:



    1. Added platform so player can lift dodge and then wall dodge from rocket room to medium health platform

    2. Removed wide ramp in shock rifle room added wooden planks instead - reduced overall width and dead space

    3.Closed up the bio rifle room to its original L shape so players can spam both entrances - play to weapons strengths?

    4. Reduced width of overall size of rocket room much less dead space hopefully now not too cramped

    5. Removed pipe in rocket room, players can either lift jump to rocket launcher bridge or platform in front

    6.Fatter pillar near rocket launcher so players can escape multiple routes without being seen

    7. Added more Spawns

    WIP 3 OLD


    1. Added more medium health in high traffic areas
    2. Added additional spawns close to weapons and hopefully tucked away enough to be safe
    3.Minor visual improvements for lighting
    4. Added different temp material for lift for quick identification

    WIP 2 OLD

    Made some changes,

    1. Moved the twin split ramp further away from door so players cant see what direction players take from the sniper rifle

    2. Made the flak room smaller overall

    3. Reduced view of the shock rifle from top of the flak room

    4. Added a lift to the top of the flak room - let players get the drop and escape if necessary

    5. Gave enough room in the flak ceiling to lift jump to flak cannon

    6. Added a large mega health under the bridge force players to the bottom of the map

    7. Moved rocket launcher to center of bridge, more exposed

    8. Increased height of door frames from rocket launcher room to shock rifle for cleaner lift jumping

    9. Added a grate to reduce the long line of sight to the shock rifle from the ramp leading from the rocket launcher - players can still fit through and get the drop on the lower rocket launcher/mega health area

    10. Added a platform by the ramp from the rocket launcher room to the shock rifle room player can traverse across almost entire map by jump dodging

    11. added a second lift in the flak room from the shock rifle room need to add a reason to now traverse across the floor of the flak room

    12. Increased height of entrance into bio rifle room so player can lift dodge from rocket room onto pipe and into bio rifle room - possibly making the rocket launcher/sniper rifle area too strong


    I've finally gotten to a point where I can post work in progress for my currently unnamed map would be very interested in any feedback these are my own thoughts so far,

    • The flak room seems a little large
    • Could do more with the Bio Rifle room - at this stage its just a corridor
    • Potentially flip positions of the Bio rifle and the Flak cannon to play to there strengths?
    • Health placement - don't want to encourage too much run and hide tactics so placing health in high traffic areas?


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    Updated first post with changes - added new wip video


      You should add a download link when you think the layout is ready!
      | a.k.a: Barballs | | See ya star side!


        Think I'm about ready! Added a download link to the first post


          Added WIP 4 - added a download link to the top of the first post