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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Mozi-Test1

    So it has been a very long time since I made a map for Unreal Tournament. I think the last playable map I made was CTF-Full Throttle for UT3 in the CBP bonus pack.

    - Anyways I have a grey box map which I quickly made. A few notes about this map. One it has no visuals, it is just a layout test, once some cool meshes come online for UT this map can look like anything.

    - Also over the years I kind of moved away from BSP building and use static mesh cubes (it's not perfect) but I find it faster for me at least to grey box a SP or MP map this way. So please ignore any misaligned sections or z-fighting. If this ever becomes a real deal map, those issues won't exist.

    - Give the map a try if you like and any feedback on the layout, scale, and pacing will be helpful to me as I get back into the swing of making UT maps.

    You can download the map here.

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    It's fantastic to see an old vet knocking the rust off! And your first attempt was better than mine - I'm not even going to post my first attempt.

    Some feedback:

    - You used meshes... Ew! To each his own - during the prototype phase, I find iteration to be faster with BSP, but you know your workflow better than I do!
    - You can see across the map from just about anywhere. This could be interesting in a sniper focused map (see: Facing Worlds) but in an arena DM, I would focus on finding a better separation of space so that players aren't getting fragged from all directions at once. This should help tone down the chaos and keep the gameplay focused.
    - Powerups seem somewhat randomly placed, like superhealth under a ramp, or helmet being off-center in every axis
    - I'd remove Ramp SM_Template_Map_Floor_177 and move the Helmet (or another powerup) to SM_Template_Map_Floor_177 or SM_Template_Map_Floor_102 so that it is visible from a distance, but people have to work their way up there and earn it.
    - Move ammo away from the weapon base so that players are encouraged to move throughout the map instead of just camp at their favorite weapon.
    - I think you have multiple Flak pickups. I love the one at WeaponBase_7 as it's placed in an area where it's also useful.
    - I also like the Rocket placement in the map, but I'd make that room a bit more interesting or built to support gameplay there.
    - Look at moving away from pure "box" design to incorporate some shapes that people can play off of - remember that the environment is a tool that has important implications to wall dodging, projectile bounce, etc.
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      It definitely has a grand-scale feel to it. Ground floor could use a bit more cover possibly. Entropy had a lot of good points too. Keep it up!
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      Joseph Frederick


        Started tweaking the map last night. Hopefully I will have a new revision next week.
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