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    The map is an experiment with map flow with platformy elements. The goal was to build a simple 1v1 map that was easy to learn, yet have a lot of complex overlapping trickjump paths. While at the same time contrasting from a lot of the abstract maze like maps that I've been seeing.

    There is some stuff I'm happy with, some parts that don't quite work, and a few unfinished areas (the ship sucks). I have been updating the map incrementally on github so feel free to make any changes to it.

    Extract to your "Content\Maps\WIP" folder

    And incase the shell map doesn't convey the theme... The theme is a giant docking tower that extends into space where ships can refuel and pickup cargo. The play area is a ship on one side and a loading bay on the other.
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    I like that you're exploring movement and flow. Slope dodge into wall dodge, sliding down curved walls, etc.. really cool!

    Nice concept for a setting too, even in this simple state I felt a little bit on edge when you first went to the health crate and started jumping around. lol


      Looks good I'm liking the theme here are a few thoughts I had,

      1. Some of the corridors looks too narrow the flak cannon especially seems you could camp there and spam fairly easily even with the top open
      2. You use the jump boots a fair bit is it possible to traverse the map as much and as easily if you do not have them?
      3. The crate with the medium health over the abyss seems really narrow are there alternate routes up for the player?
      4. Really like the curved stairs with the small health kits
      5. The sniper rifle spawn seems too low - maybe place the shock rifle there and the sniper rifle at the other side and top to counter?
      6. Maybe Place the U-Damage on a narrow ledge over space like in Phobos I think? Give a bit of risk and reward
      7. Like the placement of angled walls to boost up to higher ground
      8.The top of the map outside seems very open seems you could camp there quite comfortably
      9. Really minor thing but the link gun in a crate gave me a flash back to UT, can't even remember the map but it made me smile


        just watching it gives me this zen like feeling. I would love to see this bad boy flushed out.


          I like it!!! I will try this one and give you feedback!
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            Originally posted by Carter View Post
            Looks good I'm liking the theme here are a few thoughts I had...
            The map is basically divided into quadrants. It makes guessing where the enemy is or where its going easy for 1v1. So I will refer to quadrants in the following...

            1. Yeah I'm not happy with the front ship quadrant. I wanted that area to be pretty narrow as the other quadrants are fairly open. In fact that sniper hallway was much wider to begin with. The Idea behind this was I wanted each weapon spot to have a counter. Someone camping at the sniper pickup, Flush him out with the flak. Camping with the flak, use any weapon down the long narrow hallways from a distance where the flak looses its power. The Y hallway was a neat experiment to slope dodge, but it needs to be redone as its too OP next to the sniper spawn.

            2. Each quadrant has a trick jump that offers quick traversal, but your right the jump boots unlock so much more. I thought this would be an interesting gameplay twist to the 1v1 control game, where the jumpboots are the most sought out powerup. They are also the riskiest to acquire (in theory)

            3. I wanted that health to have some risk to it. That quadrant has the biggest advantage of getting to the others fast, so I wanted to chip away at that a bit. Also the lift jump gets you right to the top. But your right, if you are fighting low-level and the only option is to run up the health ramp... its really not an option.

            4. Awww yeah!!!!!!!

            5. The purpose for the sniper in this map was to counter any risky play in the middle. Much thought was put into the placement of those pipes and crates to breakup the sniper LOS that would make it too OP. Of course that idea breaks down with the Y hallway, the roof, and the newly added curvy room entrances.

            6. Where would you put the narrow ledge?

            7. So much fun to do.

            8. yeahhh.... this is where I'm forcing the theme and compromising gameplay. I couldn't come up with a decent way to pull off that side of the map. I'm going to try and salvage this by making the ship larger and removing the roof from the play area. I think I might make the ship side as large as the other so that the space area feels more "in the middle". I think this will bump the map up to the 4 - 8 player range (1-2 per quadrant)

            Thanks for the feedback.

            You will be missed Spaceship
            Click image for larger version

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              Those are some sick layout ideas and a nice setting you've chosen. Basically Morpheus meets Hyperblast/Oblivion/insert spaceship here?

              Since I feel everything was addressed, I'll wait for an update before giving feedback.

              PS: R.I.P. Spaceship.
              S l y .


                Really like that this map has a definite "feel" and "theme" that shines through. Great use of some trick jump areas and movement techniques. I like it when maps feel like another player or another "thing to use" rather than just a static place you happen to be running through.

                Its exceedingly difficult to update a map and stay true to someone's vision, but I definitely suggest people give it a wirl. I made a few very minor updates to Dock if anyone cares to peek:


                - The curved area around the rocket is great! I added a small ledge there so that there could be the possibility of mid-level of z-axis play there.
                - Added one more connecting hallway to that room, so that if one person went down the hall, you'd have the option of cutting them off or trapping them.
                - Moved shock as it was too close to the RL for my tastes.
                - Removed powerup on top and replaced it with Shock... that area should probably be low grav at some point. Maybe even move the UDamage up to an area you need to low grav wall dodge in order to reach.
                - Moved boxes around in the Minigun room and added some extra space to dance in there. I figured some cat and mouse might be fun in there.
                - Map felt really small, with the cramped distances between pickups, so I (lazily) added another room on the armor side, and a hallway to nowhere that could also become a good connection with a bit of work.

                Anyway, its still far from being really playable, but I love iterating on ideas like this and seeing what other people can come up with. I'm tagging out for now, let's see what someone else can do....
                Jim Brown
                Epic Games


                  So I made a quick update to Jim's iteration. Fixed the staircase that the editor was bugging out on, and scrapped the spaceship. The spaceship area is now 2 empty hulls with the roof play removed. If someone wants to jump in, that would be a great place to start. I'd love to see how someone else will create that side of the map.


                  I'm also tagging out for now to finish up some programming work. I will however jump back in if people want to bounce changes back and forth.

                  Originally posted by Entropy View Post
                  - Added one more connecting hallway to that room, so that if one person went down the hall, you'd have the option of cutting them off or trapping them.
                  Makes sense. Another path choice there is good, Before the only way up felt somewhat gross, moving out of the way to the catwalk ramp, then covering the same ground backwards only at a higher Z.

                  Originally posted by Entropy View Post
                  - Moved shock as it was too close to the RL for my tastes.
                  The new shockrifle location provides an interesting element. It allows some great shockcombo opportunities when players cross the space area, while at the same time putting one in a very vulnerable situation. In the update above I have made the shockrifle more accessable from the other side.

                  Originally posted by Entropy View Post
         I (lazily) added another room on the armor side...
                  I dig the armor room. It makes the armor more "out of the way", forces the player grabbing the armor to the lower level so you can trap, and adds flow to the upper catwalks that originally just went into a wall.


                    Got to say, this is one of the best WIP maps. I enjoyed it!


                      I like the wip so far, but the one thing that worries me is that power slide with the health vials looks kind of gimmicky, and if you want the map to get played in tournaments/taken seriously by pro's you'll want to make sure there are very few gimmicky things in it. The shock rifle on the crane seems cool, but then again I'd have to play it to see how it actually flows in 1on1.
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