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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF - X-Sector

    Hello! First off, I've only ever played with the unreal editor that came with UT3 a few times and so this is basically the first map I've made (still WIP atm) for any UT. I also know that working on CTF at the current stage in development is somewhat pointless (not even a flag mesh) however, the idea was fresh and I couldn't resist.

    It's is very much still a WIP and Materials, lights, weapon placements, and even the layout are all guaranteed to change before the final product. It's pretty small for a CTF map but it has a variety of paths to get to the flag. The most direct path, and where the map gets its name, is a large X shape situated underneath the main level, made visible by a glass panel in the central hall so you can race to cut them off for a last second save! The actual layout is in a space station and I've kept the colors to a minimum but with a clean look, although they are subject to change. I need to add a space dome in place of the skybox when i get the chance.

    The map contains a shield belt, U damage, big keg, helmet and thighpads in terms of pickups. Weapons included are: Flak, Rocket, Shock, Sniper and Bio so far (I'm considering adding mini/link).

    I'm also working on adding dynamic elements to the map, such as being able to cut off the lower X and effectively trapping/killing the players in there. Has anyone got any ideas as to how I could implement this without it being OP or a map breaker? I was thinking some kind of button perhaps like in Biohazard from UT3 but it just doesn't feel right.

    There are a few screenshots of early progress, and now a quick video play through, let me know what you think thanks
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    Looks sweet! Maybe a little hard on the eyes ^^
    Looking forward to testing.


      Thanks Tetsu. The materials are without textures atm but i know what you mean. The lighting doesn't help either. Here is a quick run through so far after adding the roof, space dome and CTF elements and also raising the U damage platform.
      The jump pads, lighting, materials etc etc are all still pretty **** for now.


        Your map is starting to look pretty cool! I am a big fan of pressing buttons


          looks cool! Reminds me of an art exhibition place I went to.

          good work so far!


            Love the style


              Are you continuing to work on this? Can you post a download link for us?
              David Spalinski
              Epic Games


                Thanks for all the replies guys.
                I will continue with this map and my other map, DM Temple.(in WIP section) however i'm in Egypt atm and have been for the past few weeks which is why i haven't posted updates recently for either. I will make a few edits to make it more playable (doesn't have many spawn points atm and back of bases not quite finished) and then i will upload it for you when i am next at home. (im back this weekend) I've also cancelled my subscription for august as i knew i wasn't going to be using the engine so i don't know how that will affect things when i upload it. Thanks for the interest!