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    Inspired by maps like DM_Castle, CTF_Facing Worlds, DM_Hyperblast and DM-Peak im attempting to make a UT map of my own for the first time while trying to keep it new and original.

    Below are some early screenshots of "DM-Luna". Note that im still reiterating the map, much of what you see will either be removed or reworked at some point till i feel its right. Also the lighting isnt where i want it to be yet, some areas are darker than intended but have a look!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Luna1.JPG
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Size:	81.3 KB
ID:	352976Click image for larger version

Name:	Luna2.JPG
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ID:	352977Click image for larger version

Name:	Luna3.JPG
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Size:	90.8 KB
ID:	352978
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Luna4.JPG
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Name:	Luna5.JPG
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Name:	Luna6.JPG
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ID:	352981
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Luna7.JPG
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Name:	Luna8.JPG
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Name:	Luna9.JPG
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Size:	138.4 KB
ID:	352984

    I like the look so far, I definitely get that Hyperblast feel!
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      Now that's what i am talking. Nice map!


        Appreciate the feedback, i'll look to make a youtube video of the map once i feel its more complete.


          looks awesome. maybe add some open field so u can boost people in space xD ?


            Nice job ! I am curious to see the scale of the map though. Looks to me like the spaces are a bit too narrow and closed but ofc it's really hard to tell just from screenshots.

            Have you considered exploiting the fact that you are on an asteroid to boost the gameplay ? If you want to get inspiration from facing worlds then you could for example in the middle of your map make a free roaming zone or a lift that takes you to the other side of the asteroid to a second base where gravity is inverted for example. Or to make it like peak there should be ways of falling or get lost in space (could be a trap that sends a guy packing)

            As you said, iterations will bring the best of your map, keep up !
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