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DM-Deck246 [WIP]

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    DM-Deck246 [WIP]

    Hey Guys, - map plus scaled movement characters, with and without UT1 style dodge jump - these are designed to be used at 105% or more gamespeed - use the command slomo 1.05 in the console to achieve this

    So i got bored of playing the version(s) of deck we have so far, they're nice but it's not the real thing

    I only learned how to map today(couldn't even place textures ), was slow work at first but i'm learning more and getting used to the editor

    To do:

    - Tweak the lighting once i figure out UE4
    - Sounds(haven't looked at this yet, might just be a simple thing)

    Everything else is done and all the pickup bases are hidden except the belt which is kinda showing through, but i've lined up everything else i can think of to the original map

    The map is scaled to 2.46, a few other TEST maps have been scaled to this as well, Andaction, w00t, Leviathan and Inca that i know of

    The map plays fine with the standard Stevecharacter but as expected the scale is wrong, i also have a 2.46 movement character which works perfectly for the map, but it has a minor bug which i'll probably fix by tomorrow, like the lighting

    I'll upload it once it's ready to be tested
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    Awesome! The player to map scale looks perfect.
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      Originally posted by timbur View Post
      Awesome! The player to map scale looks perfect.
      My scaled character is almost perfect, for some reason the dodge is slightly short on the ground and slightly long from the air

      But only by very, very small margins

      I've done all i can with it for now, couldn't figure out how to make a portal lol

      The lighting is a real pain though, might take another shot at that once i know more about UE4

      The map and scaled character for anyone interested, there's a bug where if you dodge/jump into a ramp you disappear from the map, doesn't do it with a standard character, happened right after i was tweaking the view adjustment settings
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        christ. another carbon copy.


          Another deck, great...


            Follow your dreams


              Originally posted by tigerclaw View Post
              Follow your dreams

              Dat *** though..

              Also this Deck is good for figuring out scale/eye height


                Nice job, tigerclaw, I will have a look of your version. Hope it helps me!
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                  Thanks man, this hardly compares to making a new map from scratch

                  Getting the textures and lighting right to fit the mood of the map was annoying though -.-

                  Added a new download link, contains the map which now has a fully working portal and two characters to test the map with

                  One is a standard UT1 style character, the other has dodge and double jump - i had to change the view adjustment properties back to default in order to fix the characters - tested for 10 mins without any issues on the ramps, but i'd recommend playing with a lower view bob

                  Not completely off, just low enough so that you can feel the effect without it being too intrusive




                      Looks pretty nice, like a perfect replica

                      I guess nothing beats the original.


                        Originally posted by peterk View Post
                        christ. another carbon copy.
                        It's not about that. Having a solid reference point like this will help out a lot. It shows which aspects of the design need to be improved. For instance, just from a glance at the video, it's obvious that the jump boots need more height. And let's be honest here, if the goal is to make the game better than its ancestors, making it feel exactly like the original and then building outward from there is probably the best way to go, rather than adding/changing functionality almost at random based on all kinds of different opinions. There's a reason we're all here on these forums now: we love UT99/UT2004/UT3. So it makes sense to start with what we know and love.
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                          the lifts seem a bit slow, but other than that, the scale looks good, also try to make it like this:

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                            Originally posted by Dr.ToxicVenom View Post
                            the lifts seem a bit slow, but other than that, the scale looks good, also try to make it like this:

                            I know a lot of people aren't fans of the grimy look for unreal tournament, but that DECK map in the video, especially the skybox looks fantastic. I would be all for a straight port of this map in particular, except have the skybox rain down ash instead of snow to really give it that toxic feeling environment.
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                              The best deck of all games was arguably ut3 Deck PRO-2. If you wnna get some inspiration to create a decent deck.

                              Ut4 deck is for the moment quite meh imo :x . Especially the 50 aera with those stupid transvesal bars blocking out your way, to serve which purposes? I dont know, maybe annoying the player that bumps in it .

                              Please someone remake/recook ut3 deck pro 2 from neil (iirc).
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