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CTF-Lightside (aka Darkside)

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    CTF-Lightside (aka Darkside)

    I made a quick version of the classic pub map Darkside, named Lightside. I did not convert or faithfully copy, I just took the core concepts of Darkside and blocked them out. So far, it's been a blast, even in the early days of UT4. We got a full 5v5 going and it was intense, nuts and insanely fun. Flag stand offs, last minute grabs, last minute denies, all the fun of UT CTF.

    The core design is very simple, it's base-mid-base with mid having two routes and a third route in the hallway above. My goals were:
    • Since we regularly playtest CTF at this point on raxxy's servers, I wanted to provide a CTF map that works for both a small group of players, 2v2, 3v3, as well as larger groups, 6v6.
    • Although I'm a "competitive" player, I strongly believe in the need for pub maps, it's what got me started back in the day. Pub maps are what gets new players playing, we can upgrade them later!
    • No one, even brand new to UT and CTF, can fail to figure out how this works, the map design is so simple you can't get lost while still learning about alternate flag routes.
    • However, even if it's a "pub" map, it exposes people to some of the core principles of more complex maps: 2 side routes (one high, one low) and 1 top route.
    • If you really know what you're doing, you can boost yourself from flag to the platform above for the quick "pro" route.
    • I haven't made a map in years, I wanted to make something super simple as a warm up

    Here are some screen shots, its all clean BSP, nothing fancy, I wanted to keep it bright, enjoyable and readable:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Lightside1.JPG
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Name:	Lightside2.JPG
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ID:	353140Click image for larger version

Name:	Lightside3.JPG
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ID:	353141

    Here is a download of the latest version for anyone interested in checking it out:!hIc2hYwB!Vccifv...x4qyEaijs6BNqE

    Sr. Product Manager @ PopCap (EA)
    aka danimal for my oldschool Unreal peeps

    Is there an update to this map?

    I thought it had some nice fundamental design aspects to it for CTF, and wished to know if this had gone any farther/further or been mothballed?

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