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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Demay

    I have been working on this map since 2 days ago, so I will show you my work


    This is a deathmatch map and I think the map would be good for 10-12 players.
    The main goal of this map is to exploit the movement features. Most tricks in this map are not really difficult to make and so that makes a dynamic map. Anyone can enjoy this map.
    Now I would like to have any feedback to make something better, please tell me what you would like me to remove or to add.

    Thanks for your feedbacks, you are awesome
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    Portfolio here

    I like all the available tricks that you incorporated in the map. Now you should probably try to find ways to make the structure you have support a theme for your map. What is your theme ? I would suggest something related to space because you have a lot of blocks floating in the air to enable the trick jumps. Somehow I believe you should now focus on getting a theme and art that supports the gameplay you have built in your map.

    Another point is the items distribution. Imo you should try and make it specific to each locations: you hear someone grabbing two health packs, you know where they are. You hear someone grabbing 6 armor shards, you know where they are. With this you enable your player not only to trick jump, but also use audio to know where to go with the trick jumps. Last point: how big are the areas ? Maybe you should add some covers around unless you really want the map to feel truly open.

    Finally I see some weird brushes and columns not touching the ceiling or so. Try and make a pass to polish the brushes. Always use the grid (minimum 8x8) and use as little rotations / extrusions to make it clean.

    Good job so far, keep up !!!
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      Thanks for your feedback, it's really helpful

      I will solve all the problem that you mention today and I will show you what that looks like in few hours

      Thanks again

      Edit #2

      That's done, I have changed a lot of things, so, what do you think?
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        This is awesome! I'll grab it today and give it a try.
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          Good Start. I would agree with Raste's commment about item distribution. This can make a or break your map. Ideally try to make each area have a focus that all players can understand "This is the flak cannon room" "this is the area where the sniper overlooks a the damage amplifier" etc.

          Once you do this across your map, you will start to develop connections between those focal points, and this will attribute partly to the overall flow of the map.

          The other comment I would make is that once you give focus to areas of the map with item distribution, also start to visually or physically separate them with the geometry, textures, and lighting. For example, make a flak cannon room stand out either by applying different textures to the walls, or floor, or by adjusting the architecture to make is somehow distanced from other areas (make it a separate room, or use similar architectural components around that space that are different to adjacent spaces.
          David Spalinski
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            This looks like a lot of fun! I am going to have to get better at wall jumps otherwise i would probably get destroyed on a map like this. I agree with Raste somewhat, theme is important but there really isn't much you can do about it yet, unless you plan to create all you own assets. So far no one in the community or the UT Team has added asset packages that I'm aware of. However coming up with a theme can at least be helpful in figuring out the placement and color of your lighting.
            Joseph Frederick


              Thanks a lot for your feedback Flak, David and Foe.
              It's really useful, I will fix now the problems of the map

              I hope that my map will be beter after the update.
              Thanks you David.

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                Wow, coolest and most functional map I've seen so far.
                Keep up the excellent work and thanks for making the video.


                  Thanks you for your feedback

                  Portfolio here