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    Map:temple of time

    Temple of time

    : "temple of time" or "column of eternity" (which one do you like better?)
    maptheme: greek temple- mystic/surreal place which exists outside from space and time,high up in the sky,resting on a giant column.

    artdirection,coloring and texture: Texturing is definitely not done!!Im very early in concept!!
    If i am finished it should look something like a greek temple with white columns, stone statues,ivy and maybe some mosaic or golden/metal ornament on the ground of the basement.
    I also want to include a small waterfall (maybe only 2-3 meter wide,but falling down the whole map.Falling down from the top and disappearing through a whole in the bottom (but blueprints in UDK for this is kind of difficult,so this while take some time).Something in the mood of the pictures which are shown under the video.The UDK sky with the fast moving clouds is perfect for this setting as it is (it could not be better!).

    playercount: 4-6 (8 for nonstop action)
    mapsize: small-medium (more small then medium)
    difficulty: middle-hard (more hard than middle: many trickjumps with precise timing.Many items and weapons can only be acquired if the trickjump works )

    aspired artdirection:


    Keyinput when using doublejump forward is been mistaken from the game as keyinput for dodgeroll!!

    The forward dodge-roll is great,but if you only want to jump two times,very short after each other,you get often,instead of the two jumps,one dodge roll.
    The keybinding for dodgeroll forward is not perfect,there are defiantly many situations where i want to jump double forward on this map and i got a dodgeroll instead.
    Generally spoken is the keybinding for forward dash not reasonable,because if i have to doubletap "w" the forward movement stops and i lose my momentum before the dodge is initiated!!
    (but we will bind our keys in the finished game anyways different,but plz consider changing this before.)

    Shadows and lighting:

    For now i have turned shadows off and did not use much light sources outside the main sunligth.I tried to put some extra static pointligths in, but even with static pointligths my frame rate droped quite a bit and i like it superfluid.
    So if anyone of you has some useful tips how to set up your lighting in the map as efficient as possible,i would be thankful.

    Moving clouds:

    I want to generate also some clouds for the bottom, so that the giant column disappears in the clouds,if the player looks down while standing. If someone has a good blueprint for that or a hint how to make it look volumetric it would be great.


    I could also need a good bluprint for a clear waterfall.Or some good hint how to make it look good.


    Plz leave feedback and help me to make the map better:

    -Are you satisfied with the weapon and item placement, and if not where should i put which weapon instead ?
    -What do you think of the mapdesign and jumppadplacement in general?
    -Where would you put the spawn and respawnareas?

    Thank you for watching.
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    I wouldn't use the name "Temple of Time" because it is strongly associated with the Legend of Zelda series. The name itself is generic enough that they almost certainly couldn't do a copyright claim (Nintendo rarely does those anyway) and you would only need to worry about that if this was picked as an official map AND it resembled something from one of the Zelda games. But anyway, better to completely avoid that even if it is unlikely.

    This map layout strikes me as similar to DM-Sulphur from 2k4, but with narrower catwalks and a bit more connectivity. I can't say I'm a huge fan of this style of map, but with the narrow walkways and and reliance on jumping, movement mechanics will definitely make or break this map, as will the relative strength of hitscan weapons.
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