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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Intruder

    I have tried to finish the map I was working on earlier, and I have changed so much by now that I decided to create a new topic. I hope you guys like what I have done with it.

    Also I hope I picked a map name this time that doesn't already exist.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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    Hey Hazzle,
    Nice start to this map... After watching the video, I am wondering if you would consider turning this into a CTF map. There are just several spaces there to me that feel like (with some tweaks) will work very well as a CTF map.
    I might be wrong though and my opinion may change after I have had a chance to run around it it myself :-).

    Also would you consider uploading the video to youtube? For some reason, the video link takes forever to buffer for me.



      Hi jayoplus, heres the video on youtube:

      I have thought of making it an (i)CTF map aswell, at some point I even added flags. But I struggled with connecting the bases properly and in the end I just wanted to finish the map so I could start on a new map. I think I will try again though, thanks for giving me the motivation


        Pretty map for sure ! I like the fact that it's a smaller map, might fit some good duel play.

        From the video I'm wondering:

        - in the water pit, shouldn't there be something more valuable than small health packs ? Because you take a lot of risks going there as this is a dead-end, even more because it's in the middle of the map. Maybe it could have an invisibility or Udamage in there.
        - in the big room (0:07 in the video), I find it strange to have the sniper right next to the minigun. Maybe there could be some sort of wall to cut the line of sight there ?
        - I really like the double tube section. However you need to repay the player who takes risks and time to get to the upper tube with some hp or a new gun for example.

        I really like the simplicity of the layout, makes it easy to remember. There is also not too much jump/trick jumping so the map still feels natural. Good job !
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          most areas appear to be too big?


            Thnx for the feedback Raste, I will make the changes you proposed. The map as it is now was indeed intended for duel.

            @duffte I don't think the area's are to big, maybe it's the fov around 100 in the video that makes it look bigger.


              Originally posted by duffte View Post

              most areas appear to be too big?
              This was my first impression also. I will try to run around it a bit first, as like you say, it could be the video.

              I also think the flat materials you are using are helping with the perception of depth or distance. you have almost no scale objects in the entire level to help with this, so tiling textures can be the easiest place to start (like tile floors)

              It's also possible that your rooms are just too big though ;p

              I'll let you know once I've tried it, but plz provide a dl link.

              Anyway, it does look cool, and I like the simplicity of the layout and number of rooms, etc. WANT TO TRY!
              David Spalinski
              Epic Games


                Cool Map very cool


                  Originally posted by David Spalinski View Post
                  I'll let you know once I've tried it, but plz provide a dl link.
                  Thnx for the feedback guys, here is the download link.


                    Stunning! I'm sure that following UT Dev's suggestions would make it even better!


                      Nice start. The good maps in UT seemed to have good lighting or glossy textures (at least to me). Anyone looking to create a good UT map should really study those UT 1999 ones as those designers were real masters at creating the total package. Not sure I will ever see another all around sci-fi game like original UT. That was one unique experience looking back. It's been a pleasure to look at the work so far, will keep checking back.


                        I can echo what Jayoplus said, it defo has a CTF feel. Maybe it's because the main room has a CTF base feel to it.

                        Really nice map though, keep working on it
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