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    [PROTOTYPE] CTF_Bastille

    Update 9/11/2014:

    You can download the map from this link:



    Cooked Version:

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    First impression: This looks really freaking fun.

    This really has the nali castle vibe going for it man. If you haven't seen the original Unreal flyby map then I strongly suggest you look there for art inspiration when adding static meshes/new textures further down the line. Great work!
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      I was thinking some nali crosses would go great up there on top of the towers.
      Are you a subscriber? If so you can download it and run around a bit.
      Mike :aka: thatscrawnykid
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        Originally posted by thatscrawnyki View Post
        Are you a subscriber? If so you can download it and run around a bit.
        Not yet although I have plans to in the future. Right now I'm running a 32-bit OS so I can't run the editor yet, but I'm planning on dual-booting my system with a free 64bit Linux Distro and become one with the Linux builds. When I have a free day in the semester I'm gonna try to get on that! I'd really love to do a castle themed map as well.


          Map is looking good ! The arch hallways are definitely giving identity to the map imo. Would be my pleasure to give is a try in the editor if you can provide a download link.

          EDIT: found the link. Was well hidden ^^
          EDIT2: are you using UE 4.4 ? Because I cannot open you map in 4.3 somehow
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            Very...very nice. Can't wait to see where this one goes.


              This looks sick.
              Some aspects remind me of OrionsBarricade map for UT99

              I'm excited to see future developments on this!
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                Looks sweet, checking it out


                  Yes I'm using 4.4, I was able to open it witha fresh install anyone else having Issues with the DL?
                  Mike :aka: thatscrawnykid
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                    First off what I really dig is the setting and the idea to have basically just the side of the castles at the piers as combat area is really fresh.
                    Now this is obviously very early in progress so I don't want to comment on anything yet, seems pointless.
                    But one thing I need to throw in there is, pic related

                    I dont know if its intentional or just wip but for traversal these high planks are a nightmare, lowering them would still look fine while not making you bump into them.
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                      Hey thanks for trying out the map! Glad your digging the setup. I agree completely with those being a pain if you bump into them. Traversing that area is much easier if you use the wall dodge to get some distance. I will lower them in the next build I just kinda felt like they added some interest to the movement in that area. My final vision for that area will probably have some soft cover, tarps or something as well to break it up a bit. Any suggestions for connectivity for the flag bases? I have a few Ideas but I'd like as much imput as I can get, and since your my first playtester I'm sure you have some thoughts on the subject.
                      Mike :aka: thatscrawnykid
                      Artist for Chaos: UT


                        So I really like the consistency you have in your architecture and general theme of the map.
                        As far as gameplay, for some reason, whenever I hit play, it starts as a DM map even with the flags... dunno why.
                        - In any case, I think this may have been what you're going for as far as the theme of the map, but I would really be careful about the scale. While this opinion might come down to personal taste, I think an overall smaller scale as far as ceiling heights, some ramp heights and even maybe length might be a good thing? Dunno really but that was sort of the first thing that jumped out at me. Even though it seems that overall, flag to flag, it is not a huge map.

                        - I think from the download, it is pretty obvious that the map is WIP and item placement is still ongoing? I would suggest possibly switching the location of the Flak and Armor. Basically, you have the armor directly in the player's path and the Flak cannon (weapon) needing some specialized move to get to. I think IMO, this should be reverse. Getting powerups should be the high risk/high reward not weapons.

                        - That being said, I really think putting something else (maybe redeemer?) where you currently have the sniper rifle in the mid might be a good idea? This may make the area more of a desired control area. I would instead put a sniper rifle in each team's base instead of one in that center tower.

                        That's really all I have for now. I think since you're obviously still working on the map, I would wait for another update.


                          Thanks Jay! I'm gonna touch on all the points you made:
                          1. I'm not sure whats going on with the gamemode, it worked in 4.3 I will check it out.
                          2. Its large yes, but I was thinking ahead and some of that space will get filled in with mesh work. Also translocators were a consideration for the size. You can pretty much toss one across the map. Which is also why the big building is there to block the line of sight between bases. The vertical scale is more a design choice, I think taller things look cool and inspire awe. Gameplay is key though so if it gets in the way it will be changed.
                          3. Switching the flak and armor is probably for the best I agree. I will explain the initial positions though, if you look from the middle tower its much harder to get a shot at the flak than the armor. I kinda felt that made the armor spot a tad bit more risky.
                          4. I mentioned placing the redeemer on top of the central tower already. I definitely want that place to stand out as a control point. My thoughts were to have a pair of boots on the ramp to the tower. Each base already has a sniper in the tower, as well as a helmet on the bottom floor. With the flaks and armor down below I feel like that area will be a very risky route and flag carriers will be pushed into the line of fire from the sniper spots. Having the third tower is something that I feel could add a nice push/pull to the matches. Imagine snagging the redeemer wiping out the enemy sniper tower to clear the way for the carrier to score. That was my goal from the start.

                          Love the feedback thanks again, I'm working all weekend so I won't have much time to spend on this. I should have a small update out maybe on Monday. If not then definitely by Wednesday.
                          Mike :aka: thatscrawnykid
                          Artist for Chaos: UT


                            Looks awesome, any test version soon?
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                              First off, the theme is pretty nice indeed. Castles are always fun

                              One thing you should make, though, is a video. It's hard to tell even the scale of things without one, unfortunately.

                              From the screenshots, one thing that seems missing is something to break the walkways a bit, they now look large and largely empty. Not very interesting to traverse them, in that case. Granted, not a problem with the Translocator; but then not everyone plays CTF with a Translocator, anyway. Putting things like health vials and occasional ammo somewhere there would make it look more lively.

                              Some more cover could be nice too, especially on that walkway to the middle tower. It looks like you could easily dodge off by accident, and also you can be seen from three sniper towers simultaneously... Given that the tower is not even on the path to the bases, it looks like it's not worth going there to begin with.
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