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    I only ran around it on my own but it seems really good mate, by far the best campgrounds remake I've played in UT4. You should contact the guys on unreal pugs and see if you can get it uploaded to their hubs.

    What I would say is you should consider switching the 100a for belt and putting the 100a at the 50a
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      cheers for that
      Yeah I posted the update to unrealpugs last night when it went live

      belt is 150 yeah?


        Originally posted by Guyver1 View Post
        belt is 150 yeah?
        Yup, belt is 150 with the first 50 being 100% absorption and the other 100 being 50% iirc.


          Thank you for the update Guyver1!
          Explosive High Voltage UT99


            ## UPDATED ##

            Alpha v06 (22/05/2017)

            Started adding trim and lighting detail.
            Updated all lighting and added lighting meshes.
            Moved uDamage onto plinth and added health vials for wall running in central chamber upper wall area.
            Moved 50a to central area's old udamage location. (30 sec timer)
            Moved 100a to 50a original location. (60 sec delayed timer)
            Added shield belt to old 100a upper platform (60 sec timer)
            removed 2 health vials from wide upper walk way opposite sniper to balance out vials added to central wall run.


            DOWNLOAD - As always, in main body of first post.

            LOTS of wall running potential now.


              ## UPDATED ##

              Alpha v07 (27/05/2017)
              Big visual update.
              Emissive wall detailing.
              started adding detailing to map.
              no longer changing title of the forum thread so that external linking is always the same.



                Can't get it to load. Sez not compatible with this version of UT.


                  working fine for me in the latest version of the game.
                  have you changed the file name? You'll get that message if you change the file name.
                  Filename needs to be DM-Campgrounds-G1E-WindowsNoEditor.pak


                    I definitely think this version of campgrounds is the best I've seen so far. I like the fact that it takes into account that unlike quake, UT doesn't really have worthwhile rocket jumping, so there are changes made to make it easier to go up and down a level. The wall runs are also nice to make use of UT's movement and the fact the Amp is placed along the wall run is a cool idea.

                    I have however noticed that the white lines that go along the walls can be very distracting and when moving past areas with a lot of them (like pillars) you get a very noticeable and uncomfortable effect of jagged edges and it looks sort of like aggressive screen tearing or something. This is on a 144hz monitor with FXAA on.

                    I tried fiddling with my graphics settings to see if that made a difference but it doesn't seem to, but I did find out that turning my Effects setting up to High makes the map look all blue:
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                      Thanks for the feedback Zoh, I also use a 144hz monitor. But I use v-sync ON.
                      Very weird blue hue there on the screenshot.

                      I'm about to push out v08 which has some post-processing work added so Please check this first if you can.
                      Will update this thread when v08 goes live


                        ## UPDATED - ALPHA V08 29/05/2017 ##

                        Alpha_v08 (29/05/2017)
                        Post-Processing pass to improve reflections.
                        Modified shock and flak rooms for consistency of theme.
                        Completed emmissive trim work

                        Imgur Screenshot album -


                          ## UPDATED ##

                          widened pillar room by 2m based on feedback.
                          tweaked lighting for shock rifle and link gun areas.
                          progressed overall map detailing.

                          Added Description:

                          Former Dark Water Refinery, recently decomissioned and passed to the Liandri Arena Division for conversion into a Tournament Arena.
                          The refinery processed Dark Water from the vast lake below and refined it for use in Liandri Plasma Reactors.
                          The resultant mineral by-products were also valuable as components in the manufacture of body armour for Tournament participants.

                          The ground floor was originally the sealed dark water refining tank with the central rotunda housing the refining rods and refining machinery, with a control room located where the Rocket Launcher now sits. The ground floor shows the corrosion of the refining process while the upper floors housed clean rooms, barreling room and living space for the engineers and scientists who were 'camped' at the refinery in 12 month rotations.

                          Liandri arena designers opened the tank and created the various ramps up to the first floor.
                          While most of the equipment from the refinery was salvaged, unsalvagable/broken parts were re-used or left in-situ to give the arena its now notorious layout.

                          YouTube -

                          Imgur -
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                            updated download link in main post to one that actually works -


                              Water splashes are nice for reflections and augmented realism, but be careful not to put those in locations where there is no clear water source coming. If you have pipes and such, it's perfect, but if not don't overuse it.

                              My two cents
                              RASTE IN PEACE !
                              Maps: DM-Hydraulics | DM-Affliction
                              Weapon: Redeemer


                                Cheers Raste. Im using the default material for the floor at the moment and do like the puddles reflecting the world. I was thinking of adding rain but currently I'm not sure my UEd skills are up to it (read, no skills at all, learning as I go along, more of an 'art' guy than a programmer who can fly around and understand Blueprints etc)