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    no update this week, did the Wiggle Dragon Ride today (5:59:07), will post screenshots of alpha10 wip tomorrow evening.


      Some Alpha_v10 WIP screeshots.
      Widened some doorways, and mainly working/experimenting with detailing now.


      Click image for larger version

Name:	campgrounds_alpha_v10_WIP_2.JPG
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        Not sure how I feel about the Bridge2Rail jump being obstructed by those static-mesh pipes.
        I know that the recess on the adjacent wall is meant to fill in for that, but there's some certain "magic" being able to perform a direct landing to the Rail/LG, by wall-dodge/wall-ride/combination (or dodge-jump, if using a mutator).
        I also feel that the light-emissive beams, around the AMP and 50-Shield areas, give off a little too much visual-noise.

        Great progress so far!
        > FreezeTag [Blueprint]
        > Reimagining of Greed [BluePrint]
        > Avarice, a DM-variant of Greed [BluePrint]


          Hi Frostbyte, its not obstructed, you can still wallrun from/to the sniper rifle. The pipes are to obstruct line of sight so its not such a hitscan fest.
          Check out the preview video I made showing all the wall running and some basic DM play:


            ## MAP UPDATED TO ALPHA_v10 - 18/06/2017 ##

            Current version - Alpha v10
            Alpha_v09 YouTube Preview -
            Current Version Imgur Screenshot album -

            All iterations & screenshots are available here -

            Alpha_v10 (18/06/2017)
            Widened doorways
            Modified Pillars in Pillar room
            Modified Shock room lighting
            Modified Link Gun lighting
            replaced ramps with steps meshes
            replaced floor in stairwells with meshes and added water/pipe detailing.
            general map detailing.


              First impressions after seeing the video? I like it. I like it a lot.
              I now see what you meant by obstructing just the line of sight, that was a nice touch.

              But.. shouldn't those wall-runs be a little bit harder to pull off? I get the feeling they are kinda too easy right now.
              In general, I feel that only the players who are at least somewhat adept on the movement mechanics, should be rewarded with those shortcuts.

              I also can't help but feel that the mechanic is slightly overused (offering multiple wall-run paths via the same general areas), gives off a tad of parkour feeling, but that might just be me.
              > FreezeTag [Blueprint]
              > Reimagining of Greed [BluePrint]
              > Avarice, a DM-variant of Greed [BluePrint]


                so the wall runs are always going to be subjective and 'emotive' based on how you are as a player. (those pillar room wall jumps off the jumppad straight into a wall run were not first takes, not even 2nd or 3rd takes!!)

                I wanted my Campgrounds to 'flow', I didn't want to 'punish' players with a high difficulty level where I deliberately spaced the landing zone for the wall run to be like a 1-5u tolerance and you having to make a perfectly timed/executed initial jump. that leads to frustration and ruins the players 'flow',
                I wanted players to feel like the map is there to help them, not punish them.

                the only wallrun I'm currently unhappy with is the central rotunda damage amp one. You can basically hold down jump and wall run all the way around it (in the video I chain 3 jumps together but you don't have to do this)
                I tried sticking some detailing in the way that would force you chain 3 jumps together like in the video but it didnt work and would simply block the whole movement.
                I need to revisit that and find some smaller 'trim' I can work into the area to force players to have to chain the wall runs into 3 separate ones as in the video rather than being able to just run around the entire wall in one action with little skill.

                I think the video makes its feel slightly overused as I deliberately edited the video to show off the wall run possibilities to highlight them to people used to a 'normal' campgrounds.
                I don't think the wallrunning would be chained anywhere that much is a real DM or 1v1 unless someone was showboating while streaming (but then again, that might be what makes it popular with spectators? watching someone combining the jumpap-wallrun with some impressive kills?)

                Thank you for the feedback, its always appreciated

                I will now definitely revisit the damage amp wall run

                Final thought:
                Doesn't adding wall-running into any game introduce a parkour 'feel' by the very nature of adding that mechanic? (I was showing it off in the video which may have given you that overused impression)


                  I'm not necessarily saying that the map should be punishing, the map flow is indeed an important aspect that should be handled with care.
                  Pulling the wall-run straight from the jump-pad is more of an advanced/flashy maneuver (also a very risky one), but I was not referring to that sort of thing when I was speaking about the difficulty.
                  For now just assume that I'm speaking for the simplest of wall-runs, which are usually executed from static platforms, like the two wall-runs from the 100-Shield perch or the Bridge2Rail one.
                  I'm merely saying that since those moves are meant to be shortcuts, a player shouldn't be able to consistently perform them, just by a simple press/hold of the space button against the wall - there should be a learning curve.

                  As far as over-usage goes, I meant that two areas have multiple wall-run paths:
                  1) Bridge2Rail can either be performed via the left or the right side.
                  2) The 100-Shield perch offers a wall-run across the pillars, and a wall-run to the Rail catwalk.

                  I just felt that if the mechanic is to be utilized, it should be sprinkled via nice little touches here and there, instead of jam-packing multiple options/paths into just a couple of areas.
                  Hopefully, I might've now explained what I meant, in a better way. Your video presentation was very informative and overall solid, don't worry.
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                  > FreezeTag [Blueprint]
                  > Reimagining of Greed [BluePrint]
                  > Avarice, a DM-variant of Greed [BluePrint]


                    ### MAP UPDATED to BETA v1 24/06/2017 ###

                    Beta v1 (24/06/2017)
                    Widened Sniper ledge doorways
                    Widened doorway from flak to stairs
                    Widened flak room by 50u to be able to widen doorway
                    Changed floor material scale from 1.0 to 3.0 to match scale of proto floor mesh which material matches.
                    Completed initial detailing of entire map
                    Experimented with alternative jumppad area detailing design in link gun area as wanted something that looked more 'functional' and appeared to be part of the facility before conversion into an arena (not sure how i feel about it, but don't like the fact I have to use a 32sided BSP cylinder which you can see the faces)
                    Changed tops of 4 pillars to the be floor static mesh

                    Alpha_v09 YouTube Preview -
                    Beta v1 changes Imgur Screenshot album -

                    All iterations & screenshots are available here -

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                      I'm having a weird problem with this map only, i get strange black textures on some parts of weapons and pickups, this doesn't happen with any other maps in UT4.

                      Great map btw!


                        Originally posted by HereticGrunt View Post
                        I'm having a weird problem with this map only, i get strange black textures on some parts of weapons and pickups, this doesn't happen with any other maps in UT4.

                        Great map btw!
                        that is weird, can you post a screenshot?

                        do you get this issue across all the versions or just the new beta version?


                          This has always happened in all versions to me, including the beta.
                          Attached Files


                            that is weird, just loaded it up myself, never had those issues :/


                              Anyone else has this issue? I really like this map! But this bug really bugs me!


                                whats your gfx settings in game?