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    [PROTOTYPE] DM-Talus


    Just making some progress on mapping in the new engine. Here's a fun little outdoor map I thought I'd share.

    It's recommended for 2-6 people.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	a3-screen1.jpeg Views:	3 Size:	536.2 KB ID:	386778

    Click image for larger version  Name:	a3-screen2.jpeg Views:	3 Size:	551.0 KB ID:	386779Click image for larger version  Name:	a3-screen3.jpeg Views:	3 Size:	462.2 KB ID:	386780Click image for larger version  Name:	a3-screen4.jpeg Views:	3 Size:	461.7 KB ID:	386781Click image for larger version  Name:	a3-screen5.jpeg Views:	3 Size:	494.9 KB ID:	386782

    Latest Download:


    Have fun.

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    Wow, this forum board... can't neither upload nor post a link or edit my post

    Here's download link:


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      Nice map Soma! Its got a nice Antalus vibe to it.
      Me and my brothers maps:

      Where are the ninja robots promised in UT3 trailer... plz lol.


        I can see you basically tried to iterate on Antalus. Well done.

        I'd love if you made the map slightly larger. It feels like each area (flak, RL, shock) is a tad tight.

        Also please disable collision on branches of trees as I often end up hitting the tree in place.

        Also if you could push tree's branches up so that they don't block the view as much?

        Otherwise pretty.


          Hey guys thanks for the feedback.

          Here comes a new version with some changes.

          - reworked bones bridge area to be a bridge (lol)
          - reworked some areas to give slightly more space. Mini, Flak and rocket.
          - also cave is bigger and extends to newly added jumppad to rockets
          - fixed shield belts, now 100 and 50 instead of 150 and 25.
          - added some more ammo.
          - removed weapon collision on tree leaves
          - tried some collision improvments on some statics (not there yet)

          Download a2:

          Thx and have fun.


            Really interesting map you've posted here Soma! Loaded onto the LoPing Arena for your enjoyment.
            BigUp for the headsup Rainmaker_CZ!

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            Explosive High Voltage UT99


              Thanks. Hmm... no it works fine, the dl link looks ok here.


                Originally posted by DutchSmoke View Post
                Really interesting map you've posted here Soma but somethings off on the link, my browser almost locksup then fails.
                Don't try to click it as that tries to open the map in browser.
                Instead right click the link and select "save as".


                  New version is much better. I will play more to possibly give you other feedback.


                    Thank you so much for testing. Maybe i have a new version ready in 1-2 hours now with 2 or 3 lifts.


                      I'm super excited to present a3.

                      - added 3 lifts, by Mini, Shock and Flak area.
                      - moved 50 shield
                      - added blocking volume to prevent players getting out of map
                      - added some lod for meshes
                      - some minor adjustments

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                        Thanks for a3!
                        Explosive High Voltage UT99


                          Thanks Dutch for the games. And we have a4.

                          Some rather big layout changes to 100 shield and flak/lightning area. Extended the cave and put a lift for some vertical action. Also added a Link gun and boots.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	a4-screen1.jpeg
Views:	143
Size:	510.7 KB
ID:	386916



                            Thankyou for the a4, Soma!
                            Explosive High Voltage UT99


                              Played with A3 and now that I come back to leave my comments, A4 is here!

                              I found the visuals really great

                              Therefore, the gameplay need more work. I really don't know where to go to collect pickups. Also, there are no defined areas.

                              The shadows are imho to dark. I strongly recommend to raise the skylight value a bit so the dark areas aren't too dark.

                              In all, for a alpha stage map, it's a cool map with very nice visuals

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